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    Best way to transport wine

    Thanks everyone for all the help and tips! I've got the boxes the carboys came in, plus some packing padding, which I can use. For the wines still fermenting slightly I'll be sure to properly set the airlocks. As for drinking it, It's a bit too much wine to down in only a few days, but still...
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    Racking wine's with small seeds/pulp

    I actually do have some old cheesecloth I had used for another thing, which I can use as a mesh. I had never figured on securing it around the tube as a filter, so thanks everyone for all the advice and tips!
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    Racking wine's with small seeds/pulp

    I've been fermenting ~1 gallon of blackberry/wineberry wine for the past week and have set to rack it for secondary fermentation. My siphon has an inner diameter of 3/16in, which seems to be just the size for seeds from the primary fermenter to get stuck in. I've only been able to siphon off 3...
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    Best way to transport wine

    I'm moving in about a week and a half. I have some 1 gallon carboys of wine I've brewed over the summer, which I have to be taking with me. They're all deep into secondary fermentation, and the youngest will be a month old when I have to move. Does anyone have any advice for how to transport...
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    Adding must/fruit mid primary fermentation

    It's blackberry/wineberry season in PA, and I've decided to try my hands at making a wild berry wine. I'm not a complete novice, but I'm still rather new to winemaking. I've attached the recipe I made, in case that matters. I decided to make 1 gallon, which would require about 3.5 quarts of...