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    Vineyard maintenance Mower question

    The DR trimmers work well for vineyard whacking.
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    Old school Dandelion Wine

    I must have posted the recipe here before so I won't repeat it. It came originally from my grandmother (circa 1975) and we make between 12-24 gal/year. It remains one of our most requested wines. The only ingredients- 12-20 lbs, of blossoms picked in full sun- no stems. No need to separate...
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    Sulfide aroma (sulfur, rotten egg) - prevention and removal

    No- it probably isn't. I only had to do it a couple times years ago.
  4. HillPeople

    Sulfide aroma (sulfur, rotten egg) - prevention and removal

    I have had success with racking through a sterilized copper scrub pad suspended in the neck of the receiving carboy.
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    Aronia - Chokeberry. Has anybody made wine from these or grow them?

    Yes- we've made many gallons so far and do more every year. Fresh and very ripe berries (we have a local farm that has hundreds of bushes), crushed, and use about 4-5 lbs/gal. Sugar to starting SG of 1.090, fermented on the skins to 1.030 or so, end at .990, no backsweeting. I usually add FT...
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    Can tomato wine be made with tomato paste?

    Just noticed this tomato wine thread. We've made it the last two years- the first year as an experiment and the last one because the first turned out so well. If I were me, I'd only use ripe tomatoes- cherry, full size- whatever- that can be harvested free end of season. We use about 4-5 lbs per...
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    Marquette veraision

    We use FT Rouge and French Oak M+ cubes. Marquette benefits from both.
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    Pear wine clearing

    I've found that pear wine benefits nicely from oak cubes.
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    Aronia berry Wine

    We've been making Ruby Red Aronia for a few years now with excellent results. We get them at a farm right down the road. Very cold hardy.
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    Marquette veraision

    Way behind here in Central NH. A good 2 weeks.
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    Marquette versus Frontenac

    Yes- there are people in this latitude who have had great success with Verona, but I have none.
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    Marquette versus Frontenac

    After 6 years, I'd choose Frontenac over Marquette- both in the vineyard and winery.
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    Old school Dandelion Wine

    Somehow a sunny day in a field of flowers and bees with good friends who are familiar with the end product makes up for it.
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    Old school Dandelion Wine

    Bahahaha. That certainly has not been my experience. Picked 18 lbs. yesterday.