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    I think that poke or polk berries may have been mixed in with the elderberries that I use to make some wine. i hear the polk berries are poisonous. I have heard just the seed is and that they should be boiled first, so Im not sure. The berries were rinsed in hot water, drained and placed into...
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    fermenting longer than suppose to

    the hydrometer says its at 98.5, its just barely bubbling, may give it another day or two before i transfer.
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    fermenting longer than suppose to

    I am making a blue berry pinot noir from a kit and it says to rack to carboy after 7 to 10 days, but its been 15 days and the bung is still bubbling a little.
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    Its in the bucket, do I need to transfer it to the carboy. It is still fermenting, but it is spewing out the air lock.
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    the air lock on the fermenter is filling up with the wine and spewing out. I just started it yesterday. it was bubbling just fine and now its spewing out the air lock. I opened the lid and cleaned the wine from air lock and replaced, it is still trying to fill up and spew out of air lock.
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    My shiraz, I just started yesterday, it was starting to bubble, now the juice is filling up in the thing. Its still bubbling but instead of water, its juice. What is going on.
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    and we're off

    me too I just got the same kit. I tried the sharaz at epcot in disney world. I wasn't sure at first about south africa wine, but I loved it. I have only made one batch of wine, it was a merlot. It really didn't turn out as good as I was hoping. This batch, I am praying will come out good...