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    2019 crush and pickup photos at Washington Area Winemakers

    My first time getting product from these folks. Good to see @mainshipfred and @ceeaton, sorry I missed @Boatboy24.
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    why am I having such a hard time removing sediment?

    When that sediment issue happened to me in the past, its been because the wine still had co2. I would give it a good stir and then wait for it to clear.
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    Malolactic Fermentation Help

    A couple things to consider: MLF likely will not have any visible signs. The liquid MLB works better if you let it get to room temperature before you add it. I tend to mail-order my VP41 bacteria and have found it very reliable. Its worth getting some now and adding it - you can't really...
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    Already fermenting juice buckets

    If you are able, some grapes would be a beneficial addition, even in a small amount. You could split a grape pack between your batches to get some nice tannins. I add this to my red juice buckets for body.
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    Already fermenting juice buckets

    Same as @FTC Wines and @cmason1957 stated, you add your yeast now to help the ferment along.
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    Other peoples wines

    WOW!! Fred's Meritage is really good. Like the complexity, acidity, oak flavors, dryness, firm tannins, full body, lovely dark color, and nice legs. Finish is tough because its both fruity and spicy. Nose is complex and the wine is nicely balanced.
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    Cellar Craft Passport
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    How long is too long in a carboy?

    I always use an airlock and add 1/4tsp kmeta every three months for each 5- or 6-gallon carboy.
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    Replicating a 100 point wine...this season’s plan

    I will be having your Meritage tonight, Fred! Looking forward to it.
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    Replicating a 100 point wine...this season’s plan

    Really interesting blend proportions. PV and Merlot are about what I'd expect but the CF and CS are very different.
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    It's Happening!!!

    @mainshipfred I am planning on going! And I would like the bottles....
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    What are you making and what have you made ???

    I aged mine a bit, but they were ready and tasted good at the 3-6 month range.
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    2nd Annual M.A.N.E. Event

    Sounds good, see you all this weekend....