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    Vacuum Degas - How often?

    I am planning to use a handheld break bleeder to degas. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've read that you should't use a drill-mounted device too often, nor too long after fermentation to avoid oxygen exposure. If that is true, do the rules change when using some type of vacuum system (break...
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    Black crud in commercial organic Cabernet?

    I may be totally naive, but what the heck is this? It's not grainy sediment. It'll held together and stuck to the bottle. Thoughts? Thank you.
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    pH meter & Acid Additions

    I thought about that. But I let the water sit for quite a while and stirred really well. Same result. Is there a standard time to wait after the addition of the acid blend, before readings can be trusted? Thanks!
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    pH meter & Acid Additions

    Just got a Milwaukee MW102 meter. Calibrated it per instructions. Checked the pH of a 1 Gallon sample of water and got 6.85. For fun, added 0.1 grams (tiny tiny bit) of Acid Blend. Retested it and came out to 3.98. That seems drastic for the tiny amount of acid blend I added. Thoughts? The...
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    What do you mean, "...per gallon?"

    Just to clarify what is probably clear to most but me... When additions (kmeta, Pectic enzyme, tannin, oak, even initial base fruit, etc) are talked about in terms of "per gallon", does that mean per gallon of initial must volume? Or final desired/expected wine volume? I'm guessing it...
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    Blender for seedless?

    I know it's not good to blend fruit so that you don't have cracked seeds in the must But what about blending fruit that you can remove the seeds from? Apples, peaches, etc? Any other real reason to fear the blender?
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    Blender for seedless fruits?

    I've seen a lot of warnings against using a blender to avoid fractured seeds. What about for seedless fruits... Or fruits that you can remove seeds first? Apples for example. Basically, are the seeds the only true reason to avoid blending? Thanks!
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    Acid/Sugar adjustments with fruit solids

    HI. Apologies if this is a dumb question, but I'm just trying to get my head around the concept... When trying to make these adjustments before fermentation, how do you calculate the additions needed if there's a bunch of fruit solids taking up volume in the fermenter? So I don't actually...
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    Pre-ferment specifics

    Thank you! What do you do to cover the container during the steps before pitching (KMeta, Pectic)? Do you put under airlock? Or just cover with a lid? Thanks again!
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    Pre-ferment specifics

    Hi all Just started my first batch with actual fruit (not-from-concentrate, if you will). In my case it's banana. Just a couple questions below associated with some of the steps prior to pitching, which I'm assuming can be extended to many other fruit types. In my case, I froze the...
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    Jack Daniels smoking chips?

    thank you!
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    Jack Daniels smoking chips?

    Sorry if I missed a discussion about this somewhere else... But has anyone tried these instead if regular oak chips? Results? Thanks!
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    Titration read.

    My first stab at titration. Can anyone help me read the results in the attached photo? Middle is the control. Thanks!
  14. Titration 1

    Titration 1