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    Getting the answer you want fast!

    Restarting Fermentation AFTER adding sorbate...ugh Without going into too many details of how (and why) I got here, I am wondering if there is any hope for this spiced apple wine.... Originally planned to be a sparkling cider, I fermented it to about 8% alcohol. I added an appropriate amount...
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    Greetings From State College, PA

    Safe travels Dan....I was going to make a comment about snow, but from Edinboro, you don't need reminding. Eric
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    Greetings From State College, PA

    I am Eric McGinnis and am interested in moving my winemaking to the next level. I have only made two batches - the first was a kit and turned out great. The current batch is awaiting bottling - next week or so - and was made with concord grapes from our vineyard and then welches juice....simple...