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    Thanks, No there isn't any sediment nor is it clear. I racked it 3 times as the fermentation was proceeding. It isn't sweet - sweet nor is it dry. I'd say the temp has been in the 60s where it's at. Sorry it took so long to reply but I didn't notice the reply.
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    I have two different wines in two different carboys. One (3 gal) has been sitting 8 months and the other (5 gal) has been sitting at least 9 months. I took a flashlight and saw small bubbles climbing up to the neck of the 5 gal blueberry so I knew to leave it alone. The 3 gal bronze (I call it...
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    A Couple Beginner Questions

    I wouldn’t make a practice of fermenting in a carboy. Particles can clog up the air lock and exciting things will happen.., ask me how I know :)
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    Dates & Plum Wine

    Pretty color
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    Hello From Maryland

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    Wine Kit Wizard

    In Alabama the total limit is 15 gallons per household. Anything with a % alcohol (like your must) is considered wine. I was told that it hasn’t been very long at all that home wine making was made legal here. The main reason it was not legal was because everyone thought it was.
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    Wine Kit Wizard

    My friend and neighbor in his late 50s, started breathing harder every time he exerted himself. He’s like me, he’s always doing something physical. I told him to go to the dr because it sounded like his heart to me. He did, it was. What was happening was something like on the muscles on the back...
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    Interested in wine kegging

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    Help the Newbie!

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    Hello from Dublin, CA!

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    Wine Kit Wizard

    Man, that’s impressive! I didn’t find out about the home making wine limit until I have passed it. I knew better than to sell it so I started sipping and giving it away. I fell in love with the process of wine making and got carried away :)
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    Help opening a micro winery

    You said “Open old wines” is the wine in bottles, tanks, barrels, ect? I took for granted it’s in bottles.
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    Contract Winemaking

    Your point about your age is well taken. However, the way I look at it is; If someone else does it, then it really ain’t my wine. I’m very new to this and I only have a few carboys but I do love being able to say this is “my” wine. Btw, I have 20-30 vines and they ain’t nothing but work. I’m...