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    AZ WineMakers meeting in September

    If you live in Arizona and make wine, you really should join AZ WineMakers. We're the largest such club in Arizona, and we have both commercial and home wine makers among our ranks. We're meeting next in Mesa, Arizona on September 20th. If you'd like to join, please send us a message through...
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    AZ Wine Makers Meeting on Aug 27

    For more information you can send me a PM through this site, an email to greg (at)goldminemtn(dot) com, or contact me through our website at
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    AZ Wine Makers group order from Brehm

    AZ Wine Makers has managed to pull together an initial order for quality grapes and must from Brehm Vineyards. Anyone in Arizona wanting to get in on this order is welcome to do so. I'm the point of contact for this group order. All grapes in storage or coming out of the vineyards in...
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    You should join our club. Check out our website at We're meeting this...

    You should join our club. Check out our website at We're meeting this Saturday in Mesa. I hope you can join us. Greg
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    AZ Wine Makers Meeting on Aug 27

    AZ Wine Makers will be meeting in Mesa, Arizona this Saturday (August 27) at 2:30PM. All members are encouraged to attend. If you're in Arizona and you're not a member, why not join? If you are a member but didn't get the meeting notice, send me a message for the details.
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    Arizona Wine Makers Meeting, Mar. 20

    The meeting has been rescheduled for Sunday, May 8th in Tucson. Please join us if you're in the area. Email me at greg (at) goldminemtn (dot) com for directions and other details. Greg G.
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    Arizona Wine Makers Meeting, Mar. 20

    Due to unforeseen circumstances the meeting Sunday has been canceled. A new date will be set next week. Greg G.
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    Arizona Wine Makers Meeting, Mar. 20

    Arizona Wine Makers will be meeting on March 20th in Tucson. Carpooling options from Phoenix/Mesa may be available. Please email me at greg(at) goldminemtn (dot) com for further details. Greg G.
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    Whats your favorite commercial wine?

    For me it depends on the occasion. For pizza at home I really like Tobin James Chateau Le Cacheflo. If I'm invited to dinner by friends who appreciate wine, I'll often take a bottle of Domaine Serene Yamhill Cuvee Pinot Noir. Of course, Pinot pairs well with most foods, and this one is always...
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    Are wines made with honey gassier?

    I've had a number of gassy batches of mead, and I've always thought that it was due to a slower fermentation. That is, even with nutrient additions, meads can take longer to finish than wines, so when you're ready to bottle there's more CO2 still trapped in it. Wines tend to finish in a week to...
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    AZ Wine Makers Meeting on May 15

    AZ Wine Makers will be meeting in Mesa, Arizona this Saturday (May 15th) at 3:30PM. Please join us if you are in the area. Email me at greg(at)azwinemakers(dot)com for further details. Greg G.
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    I've been harvesting blackberries for the last week. I'm in Arizona and things happen a bit earlier here. :-) This is my first blackberry harvest. Not much in quantity, but I'm hoping to do a small batch of blackberry port. We'll see. Greg G.
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    Hi from Kirksville mo

    Larry, I grew up near Hurdland, but live now in Arizona. I know a few people in that part of the country growing wine grapes (hybrids, mostly). You're almost too far north to reliably produce some varieties, but there are still lots of choices. Do you think you'd ever want to have your own vines?
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    fermenting in hot climates

    Room temp in Arizona is typically 78 degrees, at least that's what I keep my thermostat set to. This is perfect for fermenting reds. I have even tried moving the primary to a room with the A/C shut off in an attempt to push the temperature up a bit higher. For whites, I either place the primary...
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    How do the commercial guys start their plants?

    I understand that it's even worse than that. The characteristics we look for in specific varietals are due the the expression of certain specific genes. A seed from a Pinot Noir that's pollinated by a Pinot Noir may start a vine that produces grapes that taste nothing like Pinot Noir.