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    Hey guys and gals, I started a batch of blackberry from vintners harvest back in Jan.Still aging in carboy,have racked a couple of times. I snuck a few sips when racking and its great so far.I like mine kinda strong so mine is about 15% .I also have a batch of vintners harvest strawberry going...
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    Tropical Breeze

    no, just a regular food themometer.But it seems to work.
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    Tropical Breeze

    Yes, Darlene I tokk a temp. reading about once an hour till it reached 76 degrees F.Then turned it off ,but left the towel around it. Stayed right there till I racked it.
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    Tropical Breeze

    hey guys and gals you can use a heating pad in a pinch to raise the temp. i wrap my bucket in a towel and then put the heating pad around it. put it on low for a few hrs. and there you great
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    I'm back! Did you miss me?

    Welcome back Allie
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    Hello From Kentucky

    Another welcome from eastern KY.
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    vintners harvest blackberry. yeast ???

    Does anyone have a suggestion on what type of yeast to use? I like wine off dry to semi sweet.
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    Xmas Loot

    COOL.DesertDance a new driver.Didnt get nothing for my golf game this year.You must have been very good.
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    Xmas Loot

    Santa was good to me also.I got an Italian floor corker,3 gal. carboy, bottle brush, some #9 corks,skrink caps. and a can of Vintners Harvest Blackberry.
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    Hello from Georgetown, KY

    welcome deboard hello and welcome to the forum. you will love it.Greg from ky
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    degassing peach wine

    peach wine howdy Brad Yes it should be done fermenting its been at 0.990 since it came out of bucket on 9-7-09. i have racked it several times since then.its very clear and i have stabelized and sweetened.
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    degassing peach wine

    hello ,i have been trying to degas some fresh peach wine ,but it seems to be taking a long time. i am using a whip and a drill.can someone tell me how long i should stir the wine.have done it four days in a row.the airlocks are still not even.Greg
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    Peach Wine (Joeswine style)

    peach flavoring hey woodbee concentrated peach flavor is what i found at our local wine supply store.i added 1 oz per my peach wine and it made a big difference in the taste.i am degassing now .almost ready to bottle Greg
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    peach the peach is doing's very dry,but i used champane yeast,and let it ferment all the ill sweeten it when its time.i've racked it into 3 1 gal jugs and its very clear.its been out of the bucket for three months.been racked three times and i;m going to make i gal. off dry and...
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    concentrates yes these are from concentrate,all but the peach.It's from fresh fruit.