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    "Tips and tricks to using a whole house filter"

    I had good luck softening the plastic boiling water. Check out my earlier post #31 in this thread. The gist is below: I put about 1.5 to 2 inches of water in a sauce plan and brought it to a boil. I put the bottom of the filter in the boiling water for about 15-20 seconds then flipped the...
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    How hard can it be to make vinegar?

    I have been brewing ales from extract for a couple of years and last winter made my first attempt at a lager. I attempted a high gravity recipe and relied on the cool temperature in my garage to keep the ferment temperature low. This effort didn't turn out well; it took forever to completely...
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    "Tips and tricks to using a whole house filter"

    Using PD-x-934 Filters I bought my filter setup before the discussion about the poor fit of the PD-x-934 filters and the current recommendation to use the P-x type. Of course, when I bought the housing I also bought 6 of the PD-x filters to make sure I had plenty on hand. Since I am too cheap...
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    Implosion Risk Assesment

    In the Duke video I think the Erlenmeyer flask is being used as a trap for anything that might come over from the vacuum experiment (distillation?) being carried out in the fume hood. IE the same way the wine bottle in the holder of the All in One is used. My guess is that this is a restaging...
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    Implosion Risk Assesment

    The horse might not be very active but I don't think we should pronounce it dead yet. I am sure the people that bought the defective Chinese carboys did not expect them to be defective but expected them to behave as the other carboys they have used in the past. Likewise carboys that are...
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    RJ Spagnols RJ Spagnols Cellar Craft Winery Series Super Tuscan

    Might the off aroma and flavor be "kit taste"? I made the RJS Super Tuscan at the end of June last year and bottled it in early February. I opened a bottle this week and was surprised to find that it has a noticeable kit taste. The KT is less than in my WE Chilean Pinot made just prior to the...
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    Implosion Risk Assesment

    Runningwolf, an implosion is caused by the higher pressure on the outside pushing on the glass and causing it to break. The broken glass starts off being pushed inward. If the carboy is empty, it encounters little resistance and continues to fly off past the other side of the carboy (or where...
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    Implosion Risk Assesment

    Reading threads concerned with the risk of implosion of a carboy under vacuum, most recently the threads on vacuum degassing, I am left with the impression that some people may not be thinking about this risk correctly. Specifically, some comments suggest that implosion risk can be...
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    Mosti Mondiale First Mosti Kit Question

    I have used a grain bag for the skins/raisins in the MM kits without any issues.
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    Allinone wine Pump now for beer!

    Don't forget filtering. And bottling for those of us who don't keg.
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    Mediterranian diet

    You guys are lushes. I limit myself to one glass a night.
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    My First Volcano

    Yes Arnie, I feel both lucky and stupid. Lucky that it wasn't much worse but stupid because I should have seen this coming. I have been a bit of a slave to the instructions but in the case of the MM kits the instructions are setting us up for this problem. I agree with Robie that a gravity of...
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    My First Volcano

    I am currently fermenting a MM Alljuice ME Amarone 23 liter kit. The instructions call for racking out of the primary when the gravity reaches 1.04 - 1.05 (in my case I racked at 1.038) into a clean and sanitized carboy to which the 90 grams of oak chips have been added. Prior to racking, per...
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    Cool and innovative ideas

    Secondary Containers for Carboys Floandgary, I always keep my carboys in a secondary container such as those shown in the picture. The rectangular ones have the advantage of being able to be set side by side without taking up too much room while the round ones have the advantage of holding 10...
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    REVIEW: *allinonewinepump*

    Falling Film Degassing with the All in One Pump I started a thread on Falling Film Degassing a couple of weeks ago with the post copied below (full thread is ). Steve suggested I link to it in this thread so it is with...