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    Antiflor / Flor Stop

    Hello All, Myself and several family members have 200L variable capacity storage tanks. We open the tank every 2 -3 months to pour 30L of wine. Prior to Covid, I travelled to Italy very frequently and would buy tablets called Antiflor made by Enartis that we would use in the storage tank to...
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    Plastic Storage Tank - Pump Replacement Parts

    Hi Stickman, Sorry i forgot to acknowledge your post and ultimately say Thank you! I found that St. Pats also sells "rebuild kits" which includes the washers, but their kits do not include the piece I need. If anyone is interested you can find the parts on the same page as the pumps...
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    Plastic Storage Tank - Pump Replacement Parts

    Hi All, This is my first post. Thanks for taking the time to read. I have a plastic wine storage tank. The pump used on this tank has broken. Please see the attached picture. The white piece in the center is the broken piece. Does anyone know where I can buy replacement parts...