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    Vinter's Best Wine Bases?

    In addition to what Scooter said, I have added fruit (elderberries) to Vintners Harvest Elderberry concentrate. This is a pure elderberry product. The instructions say it will make a 3 or 5 gallon batch. I went for 5 gallons with the addition of a few pounds of elderberries. So, yes, you can add...
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    Vintner's Harvest canned fruit

    The 96 ounce can makes 3 gallons of full bodied wine or 5 gallons of "refreshing summer wine" or some such. Just make sure you're getting Vintner's Harvest and not Vintner's Best. Harvest is just the named fruit and Best has other fruit juices. But you can do some clicking and read the...
  3. garymc

    Welch's Juice Concentrates discontinued.... ???

    That's the question. I don't think different varieties of blackberry is realistic. I think you hit it with apple, pear, and I would add Thompson seedless grape juice as likely ingredients. Somebody needs to venture into the "create a bulk account" domain to find out. One thing I noticed about...
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    Pawpaw vinegar

    If you're talking to me, I peeled and removed the seeds, froze the pulp in ziploc bags, then thawed it, then poured the hot banana sauce on it.
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    Pawpaw vinegar

    I have 4 producing pawpaw trees in my back yard. 75 percent of my pawpaws this year came from the oldest tree. I'm expecting a lot more next year as production ramps up on the other 3. I've eaten a few pounds this season, put a little into pawpaw nut bread, icecream, have another 10 pounds or so...
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    Pawpaw vinegar

    This is my first pawpaw wine attempt. I've been casting about looking for ways to use the pawpaws from my 4 producing trees. Maybe wine isn't one of them. So far, ice cream is the best thing I've found. I haven't dumped it yet. I put an unvented lid on the bucket and put the bucket in a bathtub...
  7. garymc

    Pawpaw vinegar

    I started a banana/pawpaw/mango wine on the 19th of October. I peeled and simmered 15 pounds of ripe bananas and poured the hot banana sauce over 10 pounds of pawpaw pulp in a 5 gallon paint straining bag. I added 2 quarts of mango nectar, a quart of spring water, 2 tsp pectic enzyme, 4 tsp...
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    having some trouble with a muscadine wine... recipe.

    Can someone tell me what a "water wine" is?
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    fresh elderberries

    Are you talking about a gallon of wine or some 5 gallon batches with 12 pounds per 5 gallons? I would go toward the heavier end of the range with at least 2.5. Other recipes show 3.5 pounds per gallon. You might do more than one batch with a light, social wine with the lower amount and a dark...
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    Red & Bronze Scuppernong Wine question

    Save those for making jelly. Less ripe muscadines will assist the jelly in jelling and jelly is so full of sugar that the tartness or harsh taste from a few green ones won't make much difference. But muscadine wine is harsh and acidic enough without having unripe fruit making it moreso.
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    2,4-D the struggle is real.

    I usually get hit with 2,4-D or dicamba in late May or early June and by the end of June my vines have recovered. This year it happened again later in the summer and they just resumed somewhat normal growth a couple of weeks ago. Some are behind in their maturation and all of them have a lot...
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    Yeast Comparison [EC-1118 vs 71B-1122]

    There was no update after backsweetening. Did that have no effect?
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    Topping off

    I think I have 11 gallon jugs that will take an airlocked stopper, a couple that are 2.5 or 3 quarts, a half gallon, some 1.5 liter wine bottles, and regular 750ml wine bottles that I use exactly as you described. But I also usually have some corked bottles that have sediment, so I use those...
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    Just Curious

    WOW! So, when I read .992 for 2 or 3 days, it could be .988 or .996 in reality. Jeez O Pete! That's huge! You know what that means? It means I should be writing some other number down! I'm surprised I haven't gotten alcohol poisoning or something.
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    What to do with pomace?

    Compost bin for mine. Usually in the winter, but sometimes I get fruit flies. Burying the fresh stuff in the rest of the compost tends to reduce the fly problem. As far as the seeds go, I have muscadines coming up in some flower beds and other places. I let one grow and it gave me a new variety...