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    Wild Foraging for winemaking

    I have been getting yeast from my local homebrew store- they are shipping, and excellent people/help. ( I am sure, or other homebrew places are fine with shipping as well. I keep extra in the fridge just in case of random urgent fermentations about to...
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    Lilac wine

    So I got a little excited, might have gone a bit overboard while picking. I have 7 gallons of lilac flowers in the freezer so I did not have to take time to make wine or jelly right away. I do want to start this some time soon, but am getting a bit confused by recipes. Any opinions from flower...
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    Today or tomorrow, Forum software update

    No, never would use an app. They aren't great, as you've found. I haven't been able to stay logged in on phone, can't seem to blast cookies like I can on the desktop.
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    Today or tomorrow, Forum software update

    This update blasted my ability to login on my phone. Won't do it no matter what, and that's what I use to read and reply for the most part. Android 6 something, with the inbuilt browser and tried Chrome also. Gave up. I am not on the computer much, but had to come here to comment.
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    Kombucha SCOBY in lieu of EC-1118 or Primmer Rouge

    Well, it might be an interesting experiment, but you'd be making vinegar, not wine. Kombucha always has some species of Acetobacter. There are so many unknown organisms in kombucha that you can't really predict what you'd get beyond that. Here's a web page with details of some of what bacteria...
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    Kombucha SCOBY in lieu of EC-1118 or Primmer Rouge

    I am not sure what you want from this- vinegar after making the wine? Adding a kombucha scoby would be an interesting alternate to a vinegar mother, not sure it would survive in the wine though. Mine makes a very acid drink, but I like tart. Held as a 'scoby hotel', I have used the liquid as a...
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    Burnt Honey

    There’s a difference between 'burned' for eating as honey and 'bouchet' for making mead. I probably wouldn't like burned honey, but the mead would be wonderful. I bet what happened to the honey is exactly what you want in a bouchet- all the caramelized flavor without being hot enough to actually...
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    Anyone tried Cotton Candy floss sugar?

    It will probably make a skeeter pee just fine. The bubble gum flavor might be a bit odd with something else. Might be odd anyway, but think summer wine, add some tropical fruit?
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    Juice buckets vs Concentrate

    I assume they are pasteurized, sterile filtering seems like it wouldn't be right. I haven't asked about them, just read the website info. I have them as a possibility, if I decide that they are a more predictable result then a Chilean bucket this spring. I know PI Wine imports Australian juice...
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    Juice buckets vs Concentrate

    I an intrigued - so this is like the Mosti Mondiale buckets I see around? I would like to see the bucket label to try and find this, I want some of the Italian juice varieties but get a bit overwhelmed with volume in harvest season. I haven't had the space and carboys to run everything at once...
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    Post a photo, any photo

    That looks great! I hate the paper with tape business too. Is that aluminum channel as a hold-down?
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    Horseradish mead?

    Interesting thought, but I would start with a finished bottle of mead and try an infusion first. I have some horseradish growing, maybe when I can harvest next year I will try that vodka idea.
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    How long does homemade wine last?

    Most whites are expected to be consumed within a year or two, your first Moscato should be about that. Reds are variable, even lower end kits I'd expect also a year or two minimum. Read up, tannin levels and grape variety have a huge difference as well as the style of fermentation. I don't see...
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    Eastern Winery Exposition - Lancaster PA

    I have been trying to track down vineyard posts and trellis supplies, and I ran across a mention of the Eastern Winery Exposition. This is March 10-12, 2020 in Lancaster PA, Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday. Looks like some interesting conference sessions, though most are focused on commercial...
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    Sourcing grapes In larger than hobby amount, but less than pro amount

    Depending on where you are located- here's one option. If you are looking for the 1/2 ton or 1 ton quantities, you can arrange picking times with him- or take what you can get during his other times. This is definitely pick-your-own, though. I am nowhere close...