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    Post your labels here

    And if I remember correctly when I was just a little younger, Leslie Nielsen was the Swamp Fox. Still remember the tune, "Swamp Fox, Swamp Fox riding in the glen...."
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    Howie, One thing I would like is to be able to destem and crush separately. Larger vineyards...

    Howie, One thing I would like is to be able to destem and crush separately. Larger vineyards are able to do so but smaller equipment crushes the stems, releasing green tannins and sometimes bitter flavors.
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    Ideas for Finger Lakes Wineries Tour?

    Glad you enjoyed the trip. Come back an visit us in the summer when you can sit outside on the deck and have lunch at Glenora. We have a pretty relaxed life style here. You hit some of the good ones, John and Ann at Anthony Road are wonderful people as is Gene at Glenora. One thing about many...
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    Nut Rolls

    My Aunt used to make my cousins roll dough for hours until they got it right. Every time I get down to the Burgh I pick up an armful and bring home to freeze. Never can find poppyseed though, just walnut.
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    Ideas for Finger Lakes Wineries Tour?

    If you are leaving from canadaigua, go down 5-20 to Geneva. Try Ravines at White springs then continue on the same route to the east side of seneca Lake. There are way too many good wineries to hit them all. I don't know what style you like but going south down 96a to 414, Zugibe is a good...
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    Making My first Finger Lakes Wine - Catawba

    I have never been a big fan of Catawba. It is, as you say, fresh and fruity. I have always been amazed at the way it makes you salivate when you take a mouthful, the acidity and aroma really get the taste buds going. It makes a decent sparkling wine also. I have a few vines and always put up...
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    Finger Lakes Harvest!!

    Carmine is not really well known, I have a friend on Sodus Bay who has quite a bit. It tends to overcrop and can have some herbaciousness and some bell pepper character. It is quite vulnerable to Crown Gall and I have seen some Leaf Roll Virus in it as well. Thorpe Vineyard, another close...
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    Vine update

    I think I would just leave them alone and see what happens, I think they will surprise you.
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    Sulfur and oil at this stage?

    Check the label, I believe that the two cannot be used together without injury to the plant. Try something like penncozeb for the downey which can be used with oil and switch off to something like Captan around the second week in July for our area. Captan cannot be used with oil either so you...
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    Oh Oh

    Good think you weren't reading dirty books.
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    Post your labels here

    Ah Ha, I thought so, brings back all those memories coaching little league and keeping the books. Good job.
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    Post your labels here

    Aren't they the positions in the book when you are keeping the record book in baseball?
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    Thoughts on Riesling clone 17 on 101-14 rootstock for NY zone 6a

    Try Double A in Fredonia, Chatauqua County or Grafted Grapevine in Phelps, ontario County. Both should be able to help, I have quite a few on 3309 and also 101-14 and they are fine. You should be fine. I am not familiar with that clone but Riesling is one of the more hardy viniferas. The...
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    Newbee from Western N.Y.

    Where are you in western NY? It is way to early for leaves. If they were dormant you would be okay. We probably won't be ready here for 4-6 weeks yet. If you are along the lake earlier and if you are in the southern tier, later.
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    downy mildew problems

    First, as long as you are in PA, review this info. As with any spray program, you have to get the protective spray on before the disease becomes an issue. Most of the diseases we deal with start infecting the plants shortly after bud break. You probably are...