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    RJ Spagnols Watermelon White Merlot

    I am on my second batch right now, bottled weekend before last. Everyone who has tried it liked it. It has been a big hit. My daughter always leaves with a couple bottles. My wife says she actually prefers the Peach Chard, but the Watermelon is a close second. The only thing I did different...
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    When To Strain?

    It is generally preferred to ferment on the fruit as it brings out more flavors and tannins and such. If you are concerned about the amount of sediment, the fruit can be placed in a straining bag to minimize the sediment and ease removal. You can get cheap paint straining bags at your local...
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    RJ Spagnols Bottling Day!

    Congrats! That looks like a really nice batch. How does it taste?
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    Screw Top Bottles?

    Yes you can. But just because you can, doesn't mean you should. I guess I am more risk averse than some on here but I'd rather err on the side of safety. If screw tops were all I could get my hands on, maybe, but I am finding it pretty darn easy to find corkable bottles, so really not an...
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    Rethinking my entire operation!

    Hey Elmer! Every journey begins with the first step. It sounds like you have your direction set. Go for it and good luck!
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    Air Lock?

    Yeah as Rocky says, a little more information on what you are doing would be good. I can think of several different answers to your question depending on what you are doing, at what stage, and how you are doing it. For example, I have a malbec that is bulk aging with an airlock. There are no...
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    Perseid meteor shower

    LOL, OK I'll be right over. Leave the light on!
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    Other Ooooops!! Cornucopia White Peach Sauvignon Blanc

    Tess, We have done the Watermelon White Merlot and the Peach Chardonnay. They were both excellent. I actually have a second batch of the watermelon in the carboy now. Wife says she likes the peach the best so far. I also have the lemon tangerine sauvignon blanc kit, but as yet I haven't...
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    Dragon Blood: Triple Berry Skeeter Pee

    Happy to be on board. Do we get membership cards? :h
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    Perseid meteor shower

    Sounds great, Beardy. The weather forecast is looking pretty iffy right now, so I am kind of sitting on the fence as to whether I will make the trip to the mountains. Besides my daughter just moved and she needs dear old dad to come over and fix up a few things...I think she really just wants...
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    Post your labels here

    After 30 years of marriage I know this answer. The wife is always right. Green it is! (no, it really is!)
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    Siphon vs Spigot drain?

    The spigot bucket I have came from one of those starter kits. Whoever drilled the hole for the spigot did a botch job of it and the plastic was really rough on one side. My first batch had a small leak. After that I did some repair on it and it is fine now. I have since picked up the All in...
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    Dragon Blood: Triple Berry Skeeter Pee

    Tess, I had a few of those floaters going on in my batch too. Not sure what that was all about, but yeah, easy enough to eliminate them when racking. Didn't seem to affect the outcome as this batch is yummy!
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    Dragon Blood: Triple Berry Skeeter Pee

    OK, I am in...first batch bottled! The DB was clear and I decided to do a mid week bottling. I usually wait for the weekend for something like this, but it was calling, LOL. We put a bottle in the fridge and chilled out with some Peach Chardonnay to give it some time to chill. I will be...
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    WineXpert the Island Mist exotic fruits

    I've done it both ways. 4 lbs of sugar will dissolve in 5 gallons with enough stirring. But it is better to do like Sammyk and dissolve it on the stove. It is easier to mix that way and if the sugars invert they will ferment easier as well.