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  1. Eric Huser

    Need help with tart wine

    All great suggestions. My favorite is the Oaking one. Seems to cure my overly tart wines over time. Even 30 days can sometimes help.
  2. Eric Huser


    Those traps are worthless. Tried everyone from google and FB. Mine are all fruit flies. They come from when I get some infested fruit and "bug" me for about a month. I just remove all my booze production stuff from house and nuke with RAID flying insect. Gone in 5 seconds.
  3. Eric Huser

    Christmas wine recipe

    I pitch yeast the next day, but always add everything else all at once. What I'm finding out about this wine gig is just like the brewing gig, most of what is taught and is considered gospel is just someone trying to make a very easy process, super difficult. ie - degassing, degassing for 10...
  4. Eric Huser

    Novatwist...I love them

    We just cork our twist top. Never had a problem.
  5. Eric Huser

    Adding oak

    White oak and Burr Oak only both white oak. Red is funky. I've had some good luck with Hard Maple for Spirits, but have not tried in wine. Too Mapley i think. I have also used Plum Wood and Apple Wood toasted and charded for wines that were a success. Very hard to come by, though for me.
  6. Eric Huser

    Used oxi-clean and need advice plz

    Some labels are just not meant to come off. I take the approach that after soaking in hot water and PBW and the glue is still hard or super sticky, it isn't meant to be and they go to the recycle box.
  7. Eric Huser

    Adding oak

    I bring back white oak every trip to Wisconsin in rough sawn boards. I then leave them out in the rain and sun for about 3 months to age. Then cut into 1/2"x1"x3" dominos and toast in the oven and nowadays I torch to desired level with a plumbing propane or mav torch. Its a bit of a chore...
  8. Eric Huser

    How did you find our forum?

    Stalked since beginning. Now a producer, but still a student.
  9. Eric Huser

    Wood chips in Dextrose?

    Don't know about the wood chips, but you get a much cleaner ferment from corn sugar (Dextrose) vs Cane or Beet (Sucrose). Or just invert the sucrose and boil it with some acid and get glucose and fructose. Great idea sticking with the exact recipe.
  10. Eric Huser

    Skeeter is now my best seller

    I keg and carbonate all of my SP and DB. It's next level.
  11. Eric Huser

    Which “triple berry blend” to use for DB?

    My restaurant supply store sells 5 lb bags with 4 berry. Blue, Raz, Black, and Straw. I love it. All I use now for DB and Multiberry Mead.
  12. Eric Huser

    Bottle Filler with Blichmann Wine Easy

    First use for racking and keeping under vacuum.
  13. Eric Huser

    After Party Leftover Wine

    Air space? Its under vacuum. I also don't worry about it too much even before I had the -allinonepump. Covid, wasn't an issue. Makes you wonder.
  14. Eric Huser

    Frontenac Gris

    Anyone know where I can get my hands on some of these grapes or must this season? We had Frontenac Gris and Aronia Berrry wine in Wisconsin last fall that was mind blowing.
  15. Eric Huser

    Alternate yeasts in wine making...

    Most beer yeast can't take alcohol over 12% very well. I use beer yeast until they are done, then pitch a finisher yeast. We like dry wines. For sweet wines you should be great. I even use wild yeast for both wines and beer. Very interesting flavors, but then again they can't take much alcohol.