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    Topping Up Rice and Raisin

    Mmm, Im from Canada currently in New Zealand right now. :) Thanks for the info. I just used all natural pineapple juice. I will tell you how it turns out in a couple of weeks. Thanks! Cheers
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    Topping Up Rice and Raisin

    Oh and its 1 gallon:D
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    Topping Up Rice and Raisin

    My recipe is, 900 g rice 900 g raisins 900 g sugar juice of 2 lemons yeast 1/2 tsp yeast nutrient I got this recipe from a web site. I dont know what all the readings are. This is my first batch ever and I still have just the basic equipment. :o But anytime I have tasted it, it has...
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    Peace Corps

    Hello! I am sure you can use plain bread yeast and also a balloon for an airlock. If you have a sealable bucket but cant get a demijohn then maybe for secondary fermentation you can make sure the bucket is topped up and then cut a hole in the lid, insert some plastic tubing (short enough so it...
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    Topping Up Rice and Raisin

    Hello, I am making a rice and raisin wine and it is currently in the airlock and needs topping up. It smells very fruity and I would like to encourage this. Has anyone made this wine before and know what I should top up with? I was thinking orange or pineapple juice but wasnt sure. Your...