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    New Web Page

    Sorry ellijaywinemaker.webs.com
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    New Web Page

    Hey everyone I have a new web page and would like all of you to visit and tell me what you think. It is new so not much now but I hope in a short time it will be a good place to visit.
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    Happy Bitrthday Grapeman

    :dg Happy Birthdat Grape Man And many many more.....
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    All Time Favorite Christmas Movie

    christmas vacation is the all time best movie ever.....:a1
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    My year in review 2010.

    Don't feel bad I have only made 5 gal and have none left in my wine room :(
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    Fav wines anyone?

    Muscottp is my fav so far & my blueberry & blackberry banana.
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    Back sweeten

    Ok I have read the other post's on here and ask questions. I steal do not know how to make a sweet sparkling wine with out blowing bottles.
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    Scuppernong Update

    Just sweetened today has to be the best scuppernong I have evr made very fruity and sweet oh so good.
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    bad week

    Sit down say a prayer and do something good for someone with out reason and every thing will be fine.
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    What kind of bucket do I need for a 1 gallon test batch during primary?

    I got my 2 gallon bucket from home depot. In the paint section
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    Wine Storage Area

    I keep the light down do not want it to mess with my liquid gold LOL
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    Topping up with juice

    Get the taste were you want it and add some water but be careful as adding to much will Dilute your wine.
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    Blueberry wine

    My blue berry is full bodied and very blueberry LOL I received a bronze medal in the wine maker mag wine competition in Boston in 2002. But you need to go by your SG wine making it as I don't like adding much sugar to mine if I can get close to what I am striving for with out adding any .
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    Mead Newbie Needs advice

    What was your starting SG.
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    Use of Raisins in wine recipes

    Luc you are the raisin master :try