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    Homebrewed Beverage Buzz vs. Commercial Beverage Buzz

    How would this play a role at all? He has not quantitatively said anything about his consumption, rather that home brewed seems to effect him differently than commercial beverages. It takes just a glass of wine for myself to feel its effects. To the OP, perhaps it has something to do with...
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    Latest southern WI vineyard

    Hope you didn’t get too much damage last night. It didn’t hail at our place but the wind and rain was terrible
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    Germinating seeds from pomace

    Will it work? Or has the alcohol damaged them? Anyone tried it?
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    D254/D80 vs RP15

    I just pitched RockPile in with some cab grapes and I'm not impressed at all. Maybe its a bad batch of yeast but its not doing much. Used nutrient and energizer. Used D254 with an identical bucket and it went off without a hitch.
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    Very disappointing taste red grape wine

    Top it off to eliminate headspace as much as possible, push it to the back and forget about it. Best case scenario, it turns around in 6-12 months. Worst case, you still throw it out.
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    Show Us Your Pets

    Phil and Moxie. Phil has no manners.
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    Hawke’s Bay Merlot (LE17)?

    I made it. It's decent. Not bad in any way, but there wasnt anything special about it either.
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    What’s your longest EM?

    It was a complete screw up but its incredibly smooth and just tons of body. There was barely any room in my primary, maybe a half inch to an inch of head space in a sealed bucket with an airlock. I've never done a MLF (will be doing one with my grape batch coming up) but wonder if some...
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    First Cab With Grapes

    Awesome info! Thank you!
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    What’s your longest EM?

    4 months. I did a super Tuscan with skins, and then added two all grape packs and essentially forgot about it. When I opened the bucket to clean it out it seemed surprising clear on top so I tasted it and it’s incredible. So much body. Doubt I will wait that long again.
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    First Cab With Grapes

    Ordered a pail of frozen must from Brehm Vineyards. This is a 2017 cab from Charlie Smith Vineyard. Supposedly good. Expensive as hell, but should be a fun experiment. Previous wines I've made from grapes were a Marquette last year that so far is mediocre at best, and a LaCrescent that is...
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    Best white and red kits for early drinking

    WE California Symphony is dry, pretty good so far. Pacific Quartet is amazing but off dry.
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    First time harvesting and fermenting fresh grapes

    Did you drive all the way down just for grapes or were in the area?
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    First time harvesting and fermenting fresh grapes

    I’m winging it with both, first time using real grapes. Fermenting on skins for a week, then pressing If the white comes in hot will back sweeten and make it off dry instead of dry. I’ve made some pretty good kit wines, going into this with an open mind. Hopefully it turns out pretty good. You...
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    First time harvesting and fermenting fresh grapes

    Haha you’ll have to let me know how yours turns out. My juice is super green, but SG was surprisingly about 1.078. I boosted that to 1.1. I’m excited for the Marquette.