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    Our first Wine show....

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    Our first Wine show....

    Are you allowed to sell to North Carolina?
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    Sediment during bottling

    Bottling bucket...this is your answer.
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    Bummed out

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    Inconsistent hydrometer readings from same sample

    Check your hydrometer in pure water.
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    auto-siphon issues, when to rack out of secondary, and a bunch of other beginner questions

    Warning!!! DO NOT ADD THE SORBATE PACK TO THE KIT. You probably wrecked this kit, as kits are not blended to require or even need MLF, but if you do add the sorbate, it will completely destroy the flavor and the smell of the wine. Don't ask me how I know.
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    Experiment with an indigenous yeast

    You can make bread using that technique, so you will have yeast of some kind. No quality control, though, so off-flavors or limited fermentation cycles can happen.
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    Yeast Question

    Yea, you don't want to do that. Clean and sanitize between batches.
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    A bit off topic but still winery related

    I got the same email. Didn't realize how much junk email that Kiva sends out. It's really annoying.
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    Question about barrel tasting

    The barrel tasting I did was amazing. The winemaker pulled wine thief's from a rack without sanitizing, mixed wines from different barrels in a pitcher and when the tasting was done just poured it back into one of the barrels. This was at a very well known high-end winery with a well known...
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    Help improving taste

    You're going to hate this, but I just had my last bottle of 2010 Cab Franc from a kit. It was exquisite. At 2 years, it was not good, at 5 years, it got better. The only reason I had enough to last that long was that it wasn't that good early. I wish I had another case... Time is the best...
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    How and when to properly back sweeten wine

    I don't think I have ever heard of a sweet cab. To each his own, I guess. Best way is to take a small measured wine sample and add a tiny amount of conditioner until it is sweet enough. Multiply the small amount of conditioner to get the total conditioner required. Go easy, because you...
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    What’s wrong with whipping to degas?

    There is a difference between gross oxygen exposure and micro-oxidation created by the pores in an oak barrel.
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    Juice buckets vs Kits

    With skins, you should rack off the lee's. Off flavor can be had from the rotting fruit. Also, rack off the dead yeast so you don't pick up off flavors from the dead yeast cells.