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    Kit recommendations from Midwest Supplies current stock?

    Honestly, if you like chardonnay, the master vintner winemakers reserve chardonnay ($75/kit) is really pretty good. I've made a batch every year for the last four years. My mom (who always reminds me that she doesn't like chardonnay) says she loves this stuff. It's not a high end kit, but it's...
  2. dmguptill

    Bottle aging vs bulk aging

    The other reason I bulk age for a while, is that I could never whip or stir all the CO2 out of the wine. I got spoons, whips, drill attachments, the works. Nothing I tried worked to get all the fizz out. Bulk age, and vacuum rack 3-4 times with the AIO pump, no more problems with carbonation.
  3. dmguptill

    Bottle aging vs bulk aging

    Bottle aging gets the wine out of the carboy, so you can buy another to take its place. I'm sure others will chime in with other reasons to go either way, but aging in the carboy allows you to modify and tweak as it ages. Besides, if you age in the carboy, but want to start another wine, you...
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    RJS Cru International Meritage (Canadian Okanagan)

    This one is about a year now. I really like this kit. Very nice and fruity. I just bought another kit, and now that this is part of the regular lineup, I think it will be a regular part of my cellar.
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    Inadvertent EXTENDED!! Maceration/Primary

    Glad to see this...I have one that's been in EM for three months, I was starting to get worried about spoilage
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    WineXpert New Forza Kit

    I just read through this thread again to refresh myself on what was said. @jgmann67 how did the move go? Did you get all your wine moved safely? And what did you decide to do with the Forza, keep the EM going, or rack?
  7. dmguptill

    WineXpert New Forza Kit

    Yes I believe I did a 8-9 week EM on this one. I was worried about this one for a bunch of reasons when very young: weird color, funky aroma, objectionable taste. At one year, when I bottled, it was still pretty funky. My first glimmer of hope was at ~1.5 years old. This one has really...
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    WineXpert New Forza Kit

    Only when I'm not enjoying them with hardwoods.
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    WineXpert New Forza Kit

    I remember thinking this had a funky, odd taste when bottling at one year old. I opened one last weekend and even now, after only several more months in the bottle, I'm starting to see what this may taste like, and it's good. It's not ready yet, but I can tell with tile it will be great.
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    WineXpert Eclipse Stag Leap Merlot Extended Maceration

    Finally got around to starting this one. My initial sg after letting sit on the skin pack overnight was 1.094, just where I want it. @jgmann67 did you do your shortened EM? I am also considering not messing with a good thing, and doing it more or less by the book. Does this one benefit from...
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    WineXpert New Forza Kit

    Definitely let the EM complete. The only reason not to would be if you're worried about oxygen exposure during transport somehow.
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    Master Vintner Sommelier Old Vine Cab

    All the Master Vintner kits I've done have come out very light in color, like a Pinot, as you suggest. Im curious to hear more about the taste of this one, which I've been considering.
  13. dmguptill

    So you insist on drinking your kit wine early . . .

    I completely agree with this. Works with acid too. Had a juice bucket wine, at 2 years now, that I added a bit too much acid to. Could taste the tartness when I opened a bottle a few nights ago. Tonight, after being open a few days, totally different wine. The acid faded into balance, and the...
  14. dmguptill

    WineXpert New Forza Kit

    I'm glad to hear this. I bottled this a couple months ago after a year in the carboy. Tasted ok, but had a funny orange color to it. Will wait patiently on this one. Good thing I have lots of other wine to drink in the meantime
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    What’s wrong with whipping to degas?

    Seems to me that vacuum racking as a means of degassing (like what is done with the AIO) is going to result in a much lower vacuum than if you simply seal up your carboy and pull a vacuum on it. Since the wine is continually filling in the void made by the pump. So much lower probability of...