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    New Barrels for Forum Members

    If I am to late for this order, please put me on the list for the next one. Thanks, Doug
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    New Barrels for Forum Members

    Please put me on the list for a 50 liter if it’s not to late
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    Growing Marquette organically ?

    I have also used beetleGone and it seemed to work good! It is a Btg (Bacillus thuringiensis galleriae) bio-insecticide to control adult Japanese beetles. I purchased it from Green earth Ag and Turf beetleGONE! - Green Earth Ag and Turf
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    Growing Marquette organically ?

    Surround is great, however it does reduce photosynthesis and I need every little bit of sunlight here in Vermont. I only had major problems with Japanese beetles when the plants were small, and I would just pick them off and put them in soapy water. I do leaf removal anyway to maximize sun...
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    Label printing machine

    Does anybody have any recommendation for a label printing machine. I see there are several printers out there by Primera, Epson, and others. I do a lot of small runs and I’m thinking this might be more economical and convenient.
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    Anyone Growing Marquette Grapes?

    I pulled out all my Marquette because they were to difficult to grow organically and replaced them with Petite Pearl. I think Petite Pearl Is the best cold climate wine grape available. http://www.petitepearlplus.com/petite-pearl.html