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    What kit did you start with?

    Mine was an RJ Spagnols Breezin kit -- very easy instructions, gave me places to write SG and dates down. Took a month to bottle and as it is a sweet wine, we can almost start drinking it right away :)
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    making a sweet wine

    I just got done making a Strawberry white zinfandel kit Made by RJ Spagnols and it is a sweet dessert type wine - not wine cooler sweet, but my wife loves it. They have a whole series of "Breezin" kits that are sweet. HTH Devon
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    First time bottling

    They were not too bad price wise (I think) around $7 for a bag of 30. the regular cheapy cork ones were $4.50 for the same amount. worth the couple bucks to not have to build a wine rack to store them on their sides :p
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    First time bottling

    well I just got back from my LHBS and I ended up renting his Italian floor corker and going with synthetic corks. I got the sythetics due to not having to leave the bottles on their side. The Beringer bottles I have dont have that thick lip at the top but ive seen them.
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    First time bottling

    Im getting ready to bottle my first batch of wine (an rj spagnols breezin kit) and I have about 10 beringer white zin bottles and plan on buying the rest. My question is - are all corks the same size? and what kind are better, synthetic or real? :confused: Thanks, Devon