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    Need Help Deciding on Wine Storage Options

    I currently make and store my wine in the basement. It is a walkout basement so the walls on the back of the house are above grade. I live in the Northeast USA and the temperature in my basement during winter is 61 degrees and 72-75 in the summer (max out at 78-80 degrees). My wife got me a...
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    My First Bottling!

    The wizard is not easy to use, but better than doing it by hand. I watched the YouTube video on how to use it. Once I put on the front label, I measure the space of the remaining glass, subtract the label width and then divide in half, to insure the spacing is even on both sides. I use a...
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    My First Bottling!

    Completed my first bottling, a Winexpert Cabernet Sauvignon Lodi II. In retrospect, I wish I had purchased new bottles. I saved my used wine bottles for about 6 months. Only thing I didn't count on was the variety of bottle shapes. I used a 3 1/2" x 5" label, which didn't work well with...
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    First batch of wine from grapes

    Thanks, I appreciate the advice.
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    First batch of wine from grapes

    Racked off the primary and added MLB on 9/30. Added Opti-Malic Nutrient on 10/2 and observed start of MLF. I swirled the fine lees 1x per week to keep MLF moving. The visible bubbles stopped about 1 1/2 weeks ago. Today I measured the Malic Acid levels which show 15mg/L. I used a test kit...
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    Strawberry Wine has Low pH

    I have one gallon of Strawberry wine that I started in June and it has been aging for the last three months. It has cleared well and I racked it off the fine lees the other day. pH is 3.01 with TA of .9, SO2 is about 20-25ppm. It has an acidic/alcoholic taste with some fruit flavors coming...
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    Hungary Wine Tour

    I believe the title to your flyer should read 2020 and not 2019.
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    Test for Completion of Malolactic Fermentation

    My first fermentation from grapes is undergoing MLF at this time. In a month or so, when I’m ready to determine if MLF is complete, do your recommend Malolactic Chromatography testing or use of a simple MLF test kit?
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    First batch of wine from grapes

    Want to give you all an update. Pressed my grapes and separated the free run wine from the pressed. SG=1.004 And a pH of 3.7. TA=.7%. Added MLB and MLF started slowly. Added some Opti-Malic nutrient a few days later and visual inspection shows steady flow of bubbles to the neck of the carboy.
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    First batch of wine from grapes

    Porkchop....Also during punch down, I like to push the cap down and bring up grapes from the bottom. This way the same grapes aren't always on the top getting dried out. I also gently swirl the bottom of the bucket to mix up the lees, allowing the yeast to completely do their job and help...
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    First batch of wine from grapes

    PS - Pectin can also help with clarifying the wine and helping to eliminate the haze.
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    First batch of wine from grapes

    Thanks SB for the suggestion of going slowing on the addition of acid. I read it's a lot easier to lower the acid than to bring it back afterwards. I calculated the amount of TA required and then cut it by 30%. It put my pH just where I thought it should be since fermentation and MLF will...
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    First batch of wine from grapes

    It is suggested that pectic enzyme be added with the k-meta to the must during crushing and de-stemming. The reason is that pectic enzyme helps with the color and flavor extraction, especially with pinot noir grapes. I adjusted my pH down from 4.07 to 3.47 at 25 brix. 24 hours later, I added...
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    First batch of wine from grapes

    Thanks everyone. I've adjusted the pH and pitched the yeast!