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    Looking to try a Fruit Port Tester... Any Recipes?

    Hi all, I've been looking to try making a Port using some of the things I've got in my freezer. Only looking to do say a 1Gal batch (maybe 2) in case it doesn't work out too well. And not to ruin my stock until next season as I have a few other things planned until then I have read that it's...
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    Newbie Blackberry Wine SG?

    Thanks John thats cleared it up even more for me. I've ordered up some potassium metabisulphate to use on each racking. I didn't know of kmeta that well as all the homebrew uk shops/sites that came up in my search only list sodium met/campden tablets. Any tips on getting the right amount for 1...
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    Newbie Blackberry Wine SG?

    Thanks guys, I'll be certain to add the tester to my list. One more question (for now). When I swapped into the 2nd ferment I had a about 1 1/2 litres left over after filling my gallon one. I wasn't sure what to do with it so i just popped it into a spare 1 gallon demijohn and fitted an airlock...
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    Newbie Blackberry Wine SG?

    Ah excellent, so just to clarify... I now leave it in the 2nd fermenter for another 2 weeks. Then rack it off into another demijohn, fit an airlock and then repeat every 3 months until clear. Then finally rack it with sodium metabisulphate and potasium sorbate before adjusting sweetness to...
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    Newbie Blackberry Wine SG?

    Hi all, I've had a go at making a gallon batch of blackberry wine. I have never had a go before so I've been following a vague recipe from a book but have come a little confused. I have just finished the primary fermenting in a bucket with daily stirring. Up until the 7th day where I was due to...