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    Wine racks

    I've had one of those racks for years and it's great! I just wish I had room for more...
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    Winemaker Magazine amateur competition results

    Congratulations Dave! My wife and I also entered an Old Vine Zin just to get the evaluation. We thought it was pretty good but wanted to get the opinions of some expert tasters and compare it with our own. We were totally shocked when it was announced we had won a Bronze!! I don't even...
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    Live virtual wine tasting event for the home winemaker - Done

    I'll echo the other comments. Thanks @NorCal for setting it up and thanks to Jim for an excellent presentation! The wines were excellent and my wife and I learned a lot. Well managed and well done!!
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    Newbie from PA

    Welcome Patti S! Lots of PA people here. Mainshipfred - I grew up across the river from you in Liberty Boro! Live in State College PA now for 40+ years.
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    WineXpert Winexpert Eclipse Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel

    I made it in 2017 and my records show '60g of French Oak Cubes'. Still have a good bit left and it's excellent! A favorite of some of our friends.