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    OMAC destemer crusher roller adjustment

    Our grapes are on the small size and when they go through the crusher rollers a large percentage of them are not broken open. When we press we have to put a lot of pressure to break them and get the juice this can press more tannins etc from the stems than we want. i have adjusted the drive...
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    Starting vines from clippings

    We are a small vineyard/winery in north central Wyoming. We have 600 vines and are trying to plant about 400 more vines per year. We have started 300 vines this year and want to know how other people have done this We bought a bunch of Marquette bare root vines and they did very well. The vines...
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    Wyoming Vineyard

    We left the grow tubes on the first winter and had about 40 percent winter kill on the whites and 10 percent on the reds. when we planted new vines after that we always hardened them by removing the tubes Aug 1. and didn't loose as many during the winter. We also mound the dirt up about 6 in on...
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    what is a "good" farm tractor for a 12ish acre vineyard?

    I was able to buy a 23 hp Kabota with frontend loader and backhoe new for 18500. We built our own house so dug foundations, waterline, septic system, etc which paid for a bunch of it. We bout 20 acres in WY that had a lot of trees and we got rid of hundreds of them and I dug the roots out with...
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    New to Forum from Lovell WY

    hi sour grapes I worked with computer data bases for about 35 years and had to change the security passwords every three months. I am a want to be amateur astronomer and there are a lot of star names and they were something I and my team could remember. somehow I got that one for my log in ;)...
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    New to Forum from Lovell WY

    Hello everyone My wife and I are retired and live in Lovell Wy We have 400 vines with 275 Frontinac and 125 LaCresent. about 300 vines were 4 summers old this last summer so we got abut 90 gal of red and 6 gal of white. We lost most of our white the first winter -35 and we didn't harden them...
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    Wyoming Vineyard

    Hi Cowboy We live at Lovell and have about 400 vines 16 rows with 25 per row. They are 275 of Frontinac and 125 of LaCresent( I think) my wife is the expert and I am just the farmer. our vines were 4 years old this last summer and we got 90 gallons of red juice and 6 gallon of white. 5 of the...