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    A report/guide...thing

    lol she did actually, she got a 95% I just wish the bottle I gave he to give wasn't so high in acids, didn't have time to do anything about it though.
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    A report/guide...thing

    I will. I am trying to not go to into detail. Most of the info on this is not even going to be on the Power point. most of it is side notes. But I well add the sorbate. any other points you think I should change with this thus far?
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    A report/guide...thing

    not really, but she has seen me do it a lot. and a lot of this is incase she needs to answer question, this is just her info card that the power point is going to be based off.
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    A report/guide...thing

    Hello all, It has been some time since I was here last. Life is a crazy road lol, well I came to the wonderful people of this forum for and opinion on a Project I am helping to write. The person Is in a collage speech class, and need to tell an informative speech. she chose the topic of wine...
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    Naming Wines

    Boozehag that is all yours if you want it. I do not have a Potato wine ;)
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    Naming Wines

    I got is a Label I made to show...
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    Doing the best we can

    I will add a bit of home made knowledge :p If at the time of racking, you find that you have misplaced, broke, over used, purchased 1 less then you need, or need to retire a bung, a quick fix you can do is to take medical bandage tape and wrap it around the bottom of your airlock until it fits...
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    Naming Wines

    Diabolical some would even say.
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    Naming Wines

    How about "Frylocks Love child" lol
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    Poor man Racking Cane

    That's the same technique my uncle used until I got him a Cane for letting us use 2 3gal carboys.
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    Hello ArticSid

    thats good to hear
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    Naming Wines

    Well For the wine That we will serve at my wedding we have "You are Cordially Invited", For two Mead we have "Guide to Valhalla" which is a blueberry mead, and "Nectar of Asgard" a cinnamon Mead. we have one that is a scrapbook wine we call the “Remnant bastard” which is made up from a little...
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    Question about cleaning bottles in dishwasher

    when I remove labels, I use the bathtub (like most people here lol) I let them soak for a good long time, then remove. since It was sitting it a large amount of water, that has floating chunks of removed label and a good amount of adhesive Residue in the water, my bottles have a slippery kinda...
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    Synthetic Corks

    never mind I just opened it, IT was a thick layer of wax, with a small cork under it.
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    Wedding label

    Well I made the label we are using use for the wine we made for wedding tell me what you think. and what do you think of its name. I might add some wind swept leaves flying around, but not sure yet.