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    Which (common) varietals get red leaves in fall?

    Not looking for a disease ID. I’m wanting to expand my vineyard and I’d like to have some variation to look at. I’ll look into Tempranillo. Thanks
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    Which (common) varietals get red leaves in fall?

    Which varietals get red leaves in the fall? I have Cabernet Sauvignon planted and some plants get a few red leaves but only a very small percent, and not even the whole vine.
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    Sodium Hydroxide to clean Flex tanks

    I use StarSan in a garden sprayer (new) and dump out anything that puddles.
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    RJ Spagnols The chase begins.... 2019 RQ

    I’ve only got 30 bottles out of a kit once, a WE Viognier with remarkably little sediment. Most of the time I get 28 bottles and from reading other’s accounts this seems typical especially for reds with skins.
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    Winexpert LE18 thoughts?

    I will almost certainly make a large batch of the Symphony Gewurztraminer but I’m a huge sucker for Gewurtz, infact it’s the reason I planted 4 acres of vines.
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    Cellar craft Pinot Noir.

    I’ve made the CC Sterling Pinot Noir a few times and it’s been great! I looked recently to buy it again and it seems every place is out of stock. Is this kit discontinued? It seems odd to me to have such a staple be out of stock.
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    Eclipse Bourbon Barrel Zinfandel Cabernet Wine Kit

    Well you know all those closeted underaged vintners making wine under their parents nose. How are they going to get bourbon?
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    Why aren't there grape or flowers on my vines ?

    Grapes only produce fruit on 1 year old wood so if you’re trimming off the 1 year old spurs then you’ll only get foliage.
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    What is your favorite kit?

    Thanks for the link! I contacted them and they apologized for that kit showing on their site and told me their last PV kit sold a long time ago. Oh welll, something to lust after. The LE17 Ruby Cab would be a good successor but there’s no skins.
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    WineXpert WE LE Petit Ruby Cab

    So does this kit come with skins? I see people mention adding skins to secondary. Others say the punch down daily (which usually means skins)
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    Eclipse Bourbon Barrel Zinfandel Cabernet Wine Kit

    label peelers, and southern home brew both say it DOES come with skins while Homebrewit (member here) says it does NOT. Can we get confirmation?
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    Will Star San kill malolactic bacteria?

    Searched for ‘Star San Malolactic’ and was surprised the system found nothing. Will Star San kill malolactic bacteria? I’m asking because I want to use some plastic vessels to perform malolactic fermentation then reuse the same vessel for some whites, which rarely go through malo.
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    Etched Wine Glasses

    Where do people go to etched wine glasses? A quick Google turned up a few results where an image is (more or less) painted on the glass but this won’t stand the test of time. I think I’m looking for etched glasses. What do you guys recommend?
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    WE Australian Petit Verdot

    I finally found a place that has it in stock but at $150 for the kit plus $100 for shipping, that’s a little too expensive for me. If anyone has and leads on this kit I’d love to know.
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    What is your favorite kit?

    My favorite is the Winexpert Australian Petit Verdot. I haven’t been able to find it from anyone including LD Carlson.