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    Newbie In Illinois

    Welcome! I'm from Northern Illinois
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    Post a photo, any photo

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    Costco Wine Rack

    Looks nice. How did you attach the wood to the racks?
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    Yeast suggestions for Chilean Carmenere, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc juice

    I used Q23 on a Sauvignon Blanc bucket and it came out very tasty.
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    Illinois beginner

    Welcome! Where do you live in Illinois?
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    WineXpert WE LE Peach ice wine

  7. cmsben61

    Wine kit with yeast that exspired in 2012

    where did you get the cool pic of the skeleton?
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    Gran Cru Merlot kit

    Sounds like you need more carboys and primaries...:db
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    WineXpert Nebbiolo Kit

    I would like one
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    Result Greater KC Cellarmasters Winie Classic

    Are there results for the label entries?
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    Contest Time!