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  • hmmmm aren't Happy Birthday going ons supposed to be happening today??? miss I'm 24 now????
    why blame us did we make you drink what you drank or force you to stay up all night chatting lol, lord child you should be able to control your body better than that, when i was your age......... lol I'd stay up till 3 get up at 5 and take kids to school and then go to work till dark and start all over again.... hmmmm might be why I'm so screwed up right now
    Well it happened... I overslept, I'm exhausted, I'm cranky.....and I just called in sick to work. I blame you and Mik for corrupting me. Evil people!!!!
    LOL! Yeah, when it crashed I thought, oh weel, its after 2 and the kids get up at 6.... so I crashed for the night!
    I figured something happened, lol. Was late though, thought the mishap might have talked you into callin it a night. No biggie, i did find that video i was lookin for though haha.
    Sounds like you think it will be okay to add SuperKleer on top of the gelitan. You think it will be okay ?

    Simper Fi
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