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    Raspberry Wine

    I like to grow most of my own fruit. I am planning to plant a dedicated row of raspberries specifically for wine. I want to grow floracanes because the harvest will be early enough to miss the peach and grape harvests. There are only 3 of me (me, myself and I) and it can be busy, so spreading...
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    new experiences, learned some tricks, still more to learn

    For the last few years critters have eaten my grapes just before harvesting (naturally). Last year I got 6 gallons of wine, this year 16. But it was a race against 'the critters', though most of the grapes were ~21 B, the Frontenac and Marquette were ~24. I thought that the 'critters' must have...
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    traminette grapes

    This year I anticipate making some wine from Traminette. It is a cross of Gewurztraminer and Seyval. I read info about making the wine from Cornell and they suggested fermenting on the skins. Then I read an article from Purdue and they suggested not fermenting on the skins at all. According to...
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    The HomeBrewSupply Wine Kit Giveaway!

    Count me in! I have registered for the newsletter and the kit that I would like is the Winexpert Eclipse Washington Columbia Valley Reisling Wine Recipe Kit. It looks like they should do well...already 3 pages of responses! By Bad!!! 24 pages - WOW. Chuck Crisler
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    Cold stabilization question

    This past fall/winter I made my first wine from my grapes. I planned to cold stabilize during the winter but 2 things stopped that. First, a difficult/failed MLF and second, a really cold winter. Since I didn't plan to MLF the white, I put it in the basement/garage while I waited on the MLF to...
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    how to use a hydrometer for newbies

    Follow on question If you are starting on the skins/pulp/stems, how do you get an accurate initial reading? Mine gave me just about any value I wanted because the must was so thick. Chuck Crisler
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    A BIG Thank You!

    This past week I bottled my first wine made from my grapes, 1 white and 2 reds. I only made 6 gallons, but that is probably a good amount to start with. Through the process I was discouraged several times. but I turned here and got quick help with the decisions. The result is some pretty decent...
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    Almost done, but a couple of questions

    My wine is almost complete. I have racked it for the third and last time. This is the first time I have succeeded in taking production this far and I have really learned a lot. I have gotten some very good and much needed help right here. I am really feeling good about what I have accomplished...
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    need some tips on cold stabilization please

    I have 4 containers of wine aging now. 2 1 gal of white (mix of Cayuga and Seval), 1 gal of Marquette/Frontenac and 3 gals of Baco/Foch. Critters really hit my grapes hard just as harvest was getting under way. I have read elsewhere about trying different yeasts 'just to see what happens'. Well...
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    All in One Wine Pump Giveaway!

    Is this some kind of intelligence test? What kind of person wouldn't be in??? Thank you!!!
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    racking and ML fermentation

    Thank you for a problem avoided! That is exactly why this forum is so useful. I would not have expected any impact. Chuck
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    racking and ML fermentation

    Will doing the first racking while the ML fermentation is (hopefully) under way cause any problems? I would think that the bacteria wouldn't notice. Thank you, Chuck Crisler
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    not sure if it is worth it

    John, I agree. My experience shows that soil pH doesn't have much, if any, effect. That was a guess/hope a couple of years ago. My first grapes processed this year were Frontenac and Marquette with a Brix of about 22 at harvest. Yes, they could have been higher. Also, these are known for high...
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    not sure if it is worth it

    I really appreciate the support. I was really looking forward to a good season, thought that I had my problems licked and then got kicked down yet again. The positive and supportive comments have helped. I am really curious why some grapes end up with a lot of acid. I thought that it was caused...
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    not sure if it is worth it

    "Might I also suggest a nice .22 rifle for your rabbit problem? I bet a nice rabbit stew would be great with your rather acidic wine! " <Chuckle> I definitely needed that! Mike, Thank you for the advice on the calcium carbonate. I am pressing (pun) ahead with the rest of the grapes. I will...