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    Ossia yeast.

    I very much appreciate the information. It is very helpful.
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    Ossia yeast.

    I am an amateur home winemaker and heard about this organic yeast. I would be grateful for any input that might be offered regarding special nutritional needs or things I would need to watch for. Would Ossia be a good all-purpose replacement for EC-1118? Many thanks in advance.
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    Island Mist Coconut Yuzu

    Not to hijack but I would definitely make this again with the tweak of adding some of the f-pac upfront. I am surprised. This one has grown on me :h
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    Island Mist Coconut Yuzu

    I made this kit per instructions and I agree, the coconut was not for me. I added half a gallon of Tropical Dragon Blood I had on hand. That tamed the coconut for my batch and I really like it now.
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    Have some Madeira...

    @Rocky: Thank you for posting that. The Limeliters are a huge favorite of mine. Their concerts were so much fun and that song is one of the best!
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    Make It So: How a Not-So-French Vineyard Got Cast as Star Trek's 'Château Picard'

    Really interesting article. I'm adding Sunstone to my list of must-try wines. :h
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    My First Bottling!

    Beautiful! Very professional look. I really like the description on the back label too.
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    What's in your glass tonight?

    A glass of my first DB of the season (late start this year)
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    Kit suppliers

    You might look into MoreWine. They are based on the West Coast and are a reasonably priced option.
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    Boilo recipe?

    Yes I know there is no "official" recipe for boilo. :D I feel inspired to make it this year for holiday gifts, something a bit different for family and friends here on the West Coast. I don't know if my tweaked Naughty Merlot will be ready this year so I'm formulating a backup plan. Many...
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    WineXpert Tweaking Island Mist Naughty Merlot

    @GaDawg : So do I. This is my second of this kit. It's one of my favorites. @joeswine : So far so good. If it lives up to the aroma it will be very good .
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    WineXpert Tweaking Island Mist Naughty Merlot

    Quick update: hyrometer reading is .996 this morning. I plan to rack to secondary today. The fragrance of the wine is fantastic, very rich and fruity.
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    WineXpert Tweaking Island Mist Naughty Merlot

    I bought an Island Mist Naughty Merlot kit about 2 years ago. Time flew by and yesterday I found the kit again, tucked in a dry, dark corner of my storage room. I also found a 44 ounce can of Sun Country Merlot concentrate. Not wanting to waste them, I decided to forge ahead and make the kit...
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    Liquor suggestions for eggnog

    @Boatboy24 : Thanks!
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    Going Commercial

    Best luck in your new adventure! Looks like it's going to be a great place to be.