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  1. Brian

    Stainless and other tanks.. York PA area

    Just wanted to let you know all the Stainless is gone but there are still a ton of carboys, a crusher destemer, and a bladder press, if anyone is interested..
  2. Brian

    Stainless and other tanks.. York PA area

    I have a friend that is closing the doors of their winery and has some equipment for sale. 6-8 ea 100 ltr stainless ($225), 2 ea 300 ltr stainless ($450), 1 ea 400 ltr stainless ($450). 3 ea 100 gallon plastic tanks $150 each. I have attached the pics. If anyone is interested I am the go between...
  3. Brian

    How much yeast to add to primary fermentation?

    Yeast Generally 1 g of yeast for each gallon of finished wine. 36 lbs of grapes yields 2-2.5 gallons so to be on the safe side 3 g per lug. Just my opinion.
  4. Brian

    Bladder press for sale (york PA Area)

    I have a friend that has a gently used, water operated bladder press , with a new bladder used for 1 year for sale. It is about the size of a #35 ratchet press or a little bigger for size comparison. it holds about 100lbs reds and 40-50 lbs white grapes. works 100% asking $650.
  5. Brian

    Crusher for sale (York PA area)

    Old crusher for sale. great shape and very cool looking. Asking $200.00. This would be great to use or display in a winery. Great original paint and in working condition. Opening is 20" X 18" so its a big one. Thanks
  6. Brian

    Demijohn with wicker basket S central PA

    OK for sale a very cool old demijohn with the wicker basket. No chips or cracks and the basket is in great condition. I have used it a couple of times but currently it is just a decoration. It would be great for a winery or bar. I am asking $120.00 or best offer. You just don't see these with...
  7. Brian

    Where to purchase grape vines

    Thanks to all for your input. I will check them all out and see what I can come up with. I know it is late in the season so I will be lucky to find anything that I want.
  8. Brian

    Where to purchase grape vines

    OK well it is time to dive into growing some grapes. I have a few concord planted but I have some property and am interested in planting 10-20 vines.. I am not going to be a winery I just want some vine to learn with and get enough grapes for some wine. I am looking for a good reliable supplier...
  9. Brian

    Getting fresh grapes

    Yea I am not sure about in Canada but there are lots of small wineries in the South central PA / MD area that sell wine grapes.. We can also get them from some fresh fruit retailers around here in the fall. This time of year we have to get them through local wineries/vineyards that order them...
  10. Brian

    Malolactic Culture

    Sorry Scurry been out of the net for a bit.. I do it like a yeast starter, use a little bit of the wine and the MLF food and I have a heated stir plate and warm it just a bit for about 15-20 min until it is well mixed and then I pitch it. Like I said earner if I am using it for multiple batches...
  11. Brian

    South African Grapes - Harford Vineyard (MD)

    Absolutely Craig! We will need to get together and compare notes. I drive Rt234 to Carlisle every day so I pass right by. It takes me about 15 min to get to the intersection by the church so we are not far at all. It is a pretty busy weekend this weekend but if you want PM me and we can possibly...
  12. Brian

    South African Grapes - Harford Vineyard (MD)

    I actually live just SE of East Berlin in Thomasville so it took about an hour. I brought the grapes home on Sun and put them in my 20 gallon fermentation bucket and tested the Brix it was 25 so that is awesome checked the PH it was a bit high so I added some acid, SO2, Yeast energizer, and...
  13. Brian

    What R you doing today?

    Just bottled my 4th or 5th batch of skeeter. It is getting to be summer and people love it when it gets hot. :HB
  14. Brian


    I totally agree with this, I would always do it this way.
  15. Brian

    Eastern Winery Exposition in Lancaster PA

    Lwe I will be there Dan and will be stopping by the Pi booth. Hopefully I will finally get a chance to meet you. I have read many of your posts on here and on Facebook and we have chatted a bit but have never meet you. So see you either Wed or Thurs.. or maybe both because I will be there both...