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    effective cleaning of mesh for next time?

    the small particles will come right off when its dried, I use oxyclean to wash my buckets and fermenting bags and it brightens them right up, just rinse out well..
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    Red Thompson Still on the Vine...

    Hope it works out for you in the end, let us know how it turns out, I've wondered how late season grapes turn out..
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    Anyone can feel like an expert, helping me....(aka HELP!)

    If the juice has preservatives you may not want to use it, typically frozen or raw concentrates are best for yeast consumption, there are plenty of recipes online for apple wine. A hydrometer is cheap and will be your best friend to determine what is going on with your must. prisoners make wine...
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    maybe put it into a really fine mesh pouch, or cheese cloth tied off.
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    one week and SG at .0994

    what type of wine is it?
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    one week and SG at .0994

    Yes, get it into a carboy with an airlock sooner than later..
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    one week and SG at .0994

    what was your starting s.g. ? the fermentation should be done. Was it bubling and foaming a bit until now.??
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    New winemaker!

    is it a kit or fresh grape ?
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    corking question

    Thanks for the response VinesnBines..
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    corking question

    I just purchased a portugese floor corker and I'm wondering if the bag of #8 corks I have on hand for my hand corker will be ok to use up, or should I only be using #9 . any info would be appreciated..
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    Help Needed

    over time it may mellow out, or blend it with another wine, water would dilute it.
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    Racking question?

    Thank you for this info scooter68 ! I also have a gallon of peach that's 2 months old made from 6 lbs of Idaho peachs, its clearing nicely but a small sample shows very flat with a hint of peach can I expect a better flavor after aging or will I need to sweeten to bring it out ?
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    Racking question?

    Thank you for the response. My recipes call for 1 crushed campden tab per gal 24 hrs before pitching. would it be beneficial to add more at each racking. Can you ever overdose the wine with campden/k meta?
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    Racking question?

    If I add my campden tablets in primary per my recipe,would it be necessary to add any more down the road before bottling or aging? Dealing with fruit wines at the moment. Elderberry. BlackBerry. peach. pumpkin/cranberry. any feedback would be great. thanks..
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    Elderberry (and other berry!) advice

    you have to stabilize the wine when you back sweeten or yes it can .