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    I need help

    O my gosh. That is what mine looked like last year. Its a nice trellis. It sets hard on you after all that work and mother nature treats you like that. I did lose two small vines last year but we froze for two days in a row. I saw a bit of frost but this blackberry winter was much more...
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    Stuck my first time out...

    Its time to move on its ready
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    fermenting has stopped what next

    helps keep the wine from spoiling
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    what is advantage to using whole fruit

    You get more tannin using fresh whole fruit.
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    Cranberry Wine

    If the PH is at 4.0 it is going to need some acid. If already fermented just add some citric acid to bring in line.
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    Large nodes/excessive branching

    My cabs did the same thing. I thought it was because strong storms we had damaged the tips causing them to split out and get "bushy"
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    I am addicted to peach wine AM I nuts?

    I love peach wine and also peach/grape wine
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    Can I transfer mature vines

    Agree with bob just do the cuttings it will still be the same vine.
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    Is a mini-fridge my best bet for cool fermenting and cold-stabilization?

    I have a chest freezer that is only large enough fro two 6 gallon carboys that I have for just the same thing. Check wally world they are pretty cheap and dont weigh hardly anything
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    Norton Grape-Piedmont N.C.

    Japanese beetle is going to come in cycles they did seem to like the grape leave more the muscadime. This year I put some raspberry plants out around the grapes the deer and rabbits seem to like them more than the grape vines. From what I can see I will never have raspberries.
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    Fermentation Temp

    I had some wines I wanted more time on pulp. In order to get a good 10 days before going dry I fermented at 60 degree. This was for 6 gallon batch which if fermented in mid to upper 70 will finish in less than 5 days.
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    My first all grain beer

    I have never really needed a hop bag. I give it a big stir and let is set for 10 min then use the auto siphon to transfer wort to carboy. Hops will just settle to bottom when the wort is cooled. I use one of the strainers also to help aireate it during filling the carboy. I just see the bag as...
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    Cranberry Mead Recipe Suggestions?

    I agree with Deezil on 2 lb not being enough. I used 4 lb and 2 lb raisin for wine. Also used the 71b and high sg like that . It settled out at `1.008. I really liked it. I have to dig up my notes but seems the SG was closer to 1.130. I set the sg for 1.100 and didnt count the sugar from the...
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    Freezing to stop fermentation does not work

    I know your right but even this experiment is missing a few things for finishing a wine. A starter will not have much alcohol at all for one. But I like the point.
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    When to press?

    I made the same question on another post. I have cab growing and want to make sure I have this down by the time gets here. I thought cab was pressed just after they pass 1.040 and the MLF started before the ABV gets to high.