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    Racking question

    Yes, the plan is to ferment in the brute trash cans. I like the idea of a barrel. Can you describe what I would rack into with only one barrel? Would I rack the wine later on back into the brute trash cans? Is the concept to transfer only for a few hours (until the barrel can be cleaned of...
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    Racking question

    So from a cost and maintenance perspective it seems like the wiser choice would be to purchase a set of 5 used 15.5 gallon stainless steel beer kegs. I could suspend oak chips or cubes inside the kegs from a bung. This would allow me some compartmentalization that a barrel doesnt afford. If I...
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    Racking question

    If i'm making a 55 gallon batch of red in a white oak barrel is it expected to have a secondary barrel to rack into? My strategy was to bottle old wine out of the barrel and new wine into it. So, if im understanding the process properly, i'll need to rack out of that barrel with the new wine...