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    What R you doing today?

    The Turkey Bird is in the oven. Everyone have a good Thanksgivin!!
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    labeling jig

    I always taste test my wine several times when bottling and then labeling, since I stopped taste testing before I labeled, my bottle stopped moving.... well so much!
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    Chianti Labels

    Mike, they need to remember when it is cooked and on the table it is just "Chicken" Jim
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    Sometimes my wife makes me ferment faster!!!!!!!!!!
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    Boston Beer Keg in Orlando

    Property has a large beer keg for sale, bid has been $1.00 for a while. Here is the link -
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    Ha ha ha

    It look's like a sad day in Sterling, sorry for the loss. My wife saw the photos and said that had better not happen in her house....guess I may be relocating!
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    Sorry I was unable to meet you, you have a nice family. How's the little ones finger doing? all...

    Sorry I was unable to meet you, you have a nice family. How's the little ones finger doing? all of the bottles had been stored in my garage upside down and should be fairly clean and almost all are de-labeled. I hope they are used well. We made it back home safely and worn out. Have a good week...
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    Happy Birthday, Hope you age as wine.

    Happy Birthday, Hope you age as wine.
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    RJ Spagnols Does water matter

    George at The Wine Makers Toy Store made 5 batches of wine using 5 different water sources little over a year ago. You might want to check with George and see what the results were.
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    Wine names pronunciation

    Thanks another great aid for us.
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    what's that smell?

    fifthhorsm, You have been a member here how long. I have never seen anyone do what you did here in this forum. I have only been doing this a little over a year and have messed up a lot trying to learn how to make a good wine and no one has treated me like you did Georges. There is a lot of...
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    What R you doing today?

    I will be racking my 2 wines today, a White Zin and Chardonnay and start degassing. We have family on the way for the weekend. the wife would like me be through with the wine activities by then, I will have to tell her you can not rush the wine. She also has to remember when she is not at home I...
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    Loquat Questions

    LUC, thank you for the information. I feel a lot better about the pectic enzyme. I will increase the amount of enzyme when I begin as I will have increased the amount of fruit also. I have harvested a lot of fruit and have begun removing the seeds, which are large for the size of the fruit...
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    Loquat Questions

    I have prepared and frozen 15.5 quarts which weighs 19 lbs. So I need 17 more lbs. My fingers look like prunes. I have a neighbor who has a tree also and he will let me harvest from it if I need more. Well lunch is over back to slice, dice and freeze.
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    What R you doing today?

    I am still harvesting Loquats and seeding them, I keep telling myself I am having fun!!