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    High SG and Brix readings

    I made a gallon of Joes ancient orange mead yesterday and then took a SG and a Brix reading. The Brix reading was 31.2 and the SG was 1.32 Temp 87F and used Lalvin 71B yeast. This was all done after I stuffed the orange parts into the narrow neck of the gallon jug as directed. Now I know if...
  2. Amo

    Stunning SG and refactomiter readings

    Thank you everyone. I was under the impression a Refactometer was the ideal brewing tool. After a lot of reading I know the refractometer is a cool tool to take the starting SG but needs a lot of math to find the alcohol content at the end. I did take the SG with the hydrometer at 1.10 and I...
  3. Amo

    Stunning SG and refactomiter readings

    Thank you NoQuarter. I just looked at my hydrometer again and the initial SG was 1.09 or 1.10 giving me a reading of +/- 9%. I'm happy with that, I don't think I could gotten through 2 gallons of blueberry wine at 23%. I had trouble reading the small numbers on the hydromiter and was hoping the...
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    Stunning SG and refactomiter readings

    I'm 77 and brewed beer about 50 years ago. I suddenly decided to try my hand at making wine. I am stunned at the alcohol content in my first try. Is the yeast that well developed that I could get 22.3% by weight of alcohol? Not that I'm complaining but that is beyond believe for me.. I'm...
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    canning jars

    The two largest glass canning jars..Ball and Mason are having some kind of war with each other so the jars are in short supply. They are almost unobtainable due to this ...that and everybody appears to be Baking, Canning, Fermenting or Brewing so all that equipment is in short supply. So is...
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    Hello folk. AMO

    During this Corona virus lockdown I have gone from twiddling my thumbs to making my own Sourdough Bread to Fermenting every vegetable and fruit that grows in British Columbia and finally lost it by starting to brew my own wine. I now own most of Amazon and I'm ready to dive into this. I brewed...