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    Strawberry Wine

    i made a test batch one yr w 400 plus pounds....needs sugar to keep the strawberry aroma ...and any thickness and fruit notes....strawberries are unlike most fruit wines in my view....the tiny seeds make for a bite that has to be overcome
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    Anyone Growing Marquette Grapes?

    i havent read the whole thread but someone told me someone here was looking for bird netting..i have twelve rolls of vineside for sale..never if interested
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    Some New Equipment Worth a Look

    I plan on buying these in the next yr: although i have yet to have the need to spray one insecticide thus far during my professional career, i can see using this ... Agrisolar Solutions INtelligent Insect Killer...
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    Vineyard Sprayer

    looks great the way a note to Wade...the forum looks just great...outstanding job!
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    Help! Primary Ferment temp -- how hot is too hot?

    speaking of long ferments..i know of some taking six months :)
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    Help! Primary Ferment temp -- how hot is too hot?

    you are fine...just punch down more frequently and keep the cap from holding in the heat...
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    Wine Room

    that is just outright beautiful...fantastic work!
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    The maple sap is running in NJ

    running here as well the last two weeks...early....but the temps are perfect so it should be a great long neighbor makes and shares....good to have nice neighbors
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    How to get started growing grapes for wine

    everyone here is going to give you the run of the mill answers...and i say that with a credit to them for they will be all educated and well informed answers.... but the real place to start is w your heart, because each decision you make along the way is like a brick in the wall....i do not...
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    Sunday Morning Winemaking

  11. AlFulchino

    I'm puzzled

    keep the faith...worst case there is always some person who loves things closer to a spirit that will take it in thanks for a favor done
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    I'm puzzled

    never dump if its a high alcohol can only be pleasantly surprised in the future if it turns out good....for the cost of what a few bottles or cases are high alcohol is NEVER an equal reason to dump out wine that is bad because it is jjust bad wine and never has any hope High...
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    harbor freight vacuum pump vs. gomco/schuco aspirator/pump, or just go with Mityvac?

    i hear much good about Vacuum pump man and that says a lot....i also know i bought a vac set up from Wade a Schucco aspirator set up that is great as well...dont know if Wade still sells em
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    Expiry date for fining agents?

    glad this topic was raised....i bought at auction some wine related materials two yrs ago and it included some clearing agents like Kieosol...i never paid them much heed because i do not use clearing agents....i think there is 12-15 small plastic bottles of these...they may be 16-24 oz...i just...
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    How much does top off affect taste?

    fortunately i dont have that problem:b