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    Replicating a 100 point wine...this season’s plan

    You weren't a fan of the oaked Barbera, but I remember taking a case of "Smokey Barbera" off your hands and we LOVED it! I love oak influence but I can also appreciate that "clean" freshness tone of a lightly oaked wine. This year I'm going to be a little less heavy-handed with our oak...
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    D80 Yeast

    I would transfer back to the bucket and try to get that D80 batch dry. 1.01 is about 2-3 Brix and D80 should complete that under the right conditions. I'd give it a few more days before starting a stuck fermentation protocol.
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    Could what happened to oil, happen to grapes this year?

    Which winery were you referring to about the tastings and picnicking, etc.? Thanks.
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    Homemade vs. Commercial and what I am doing to close the gap

    200 ppm isn't that high for me when trying to baby-sit 4.0 pH wine for > 18 months. We've been adjusting to 3.6 -3.7, but need to take our foot of the SO2 pedal a bit. 50 ppm was a common add. Going to aim for 20-30 going forward.
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    Homemade vs. Commercial and what I am doing to close the gap

    Congratulations on your success at the San Francisco Chronicle Competition. That's fantastic.
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    The quest for better yeast

    Yeah, that's a problem. I think I ordered it from Gusmer. You may try looking for the same yeast packaged as Biodiva.
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    The quest for better yeast

    Another Avante fan. Great results and as @CDrew says, no H2S. I also produce wines with fairly high alcohol and hot fermentation environments and Avante powers through. Lately, I've been doing a 2-step yeast process beginning with Prelude (non-Saccharomyces) and finishing off with Avante.
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    Apple Cider in Nepal

    Bijendra, here is a good article for reference:
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    Apple Cider in Nepal

    I think you are right. Any acid adjustment to lower your pH will increase your TA. I don't get caught up in the numbers because I don't try to make "massive" adjustments. Small pH adjustments should be planned, then use half of the plan in tasting trials before adding the full adjustment.
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    Wine Tasting Work Event - #2 homemade vs commercial

    I agree on the varietals. Not sure if the Chenin will be bottled by then....if not, Viognier will work. I should have my 2018 CF bottled by then. It promises to be a beast! What about 4 from each of us representing those varieties and one commercial (4 total)? You pick up two and I'll pick...
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    Apple Cider in Nepal

    I agree, I think the malic acid is the right choice. Maybe don't waste one of your experiments on the malic vs tartaric, but rather 3.65 no adjustment vs 3.5 adjusted with malic.
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    Apple Cider in Nepal

    Hello, I'm a grape winemaker with no experience outside of grapes....maybe a couple batches of Skeeter! I have a friend, @Bijendra Lal Dangol, who is located in Nepal and learning how to make wine and cider. He is a sponge for information. I recently informed him of this Forum and he just...
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    I'm hoping Bijendra comes on here soon for his own introduction. I know that making wine in Nepal is challenging. For example, he gets all his grapes from somewhere in India. I don't think they even know the grape variety they get, much less the desired Brix and they must work with...
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    It is my pleasure to introduce @Bijendra Lal Dangol to the Forum. He is a winemaker from Nepal who I met and is very enthusiastic about learning how to make great wine. Please join me in welcoming Bijendra to this global Forum!
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    testing alcohol