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    156lbs of plums need recipe

    Plum Wine I just put in 18 gallons (12 gallons in one fermenter & 6 in another) using Wade's recipe. I used 120 lbs. of plums and it is turning out nicely, already racked 6 gallons over to secondary and will pull the 12 gals. over tomorrow, I hope. Wade's recipe was right on que! Good...
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    WineXpert Two secondary fermenters

    I have found that it does help removing the lees from the wine prior to aging and insuring that it does not give it an off flavor. I have done it both ways myself and think it helps degas/clarification as well. Good Luck!
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    vintners harvest kiwi base

    The ones that I have done took about 3 1/2 - 4 months....The longer you can bulk age the better!
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    vintners harvest kiwi base

    The cherry was at 12% and the plum at 11%. I am getting ready to try the Black Currant, hope its as good as the others.
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    vintners harvest kiwi base

    I have made a couple of Vitner's Harvest fruit based wines and I always make the 5 Gal. batches, just cause I want MORE wine! I follow the directions precisely and have produced two great batches; Cherry & Plum. I did have to back sweeten both to get the taste I was after.... Good Luck!
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    Tom, What do steam juicers cost and do they leave alot of sediment behind? Thanks
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    I tried this method with a five gallon batch of pear this past August. The only issue I had was very slow in clearing, it is still bulk aging and has cleared pretty well over the last few months. Not sure if that was due to the process or due to the pears in general. My understanding with...
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    canned fruit bases and concentrates

    I made both Cherry & Plum wine using the Vitner's Harvest fruit concentrate and both turned out great. I just bought a Peach & Strawberry for my next two batches. Its just as cheap, if not cheaper than buying the Welch's concentrates to make a 5 gallon batch plus you have a few more options...
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    Yeast not working?

    I am not an expert on the subject but I would say give it some time. I have had it take up to three days before showing any progress, especially in cooler temperatures. Patience is not one of my strong points but in winemaking it is a must! No pun intended..... Good Luck!
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    A great online order experience

    I too have used Midwest but recently started buying from They have a very educated staff to answer any questions you may have. All my orders have shipped complete, usually the same day ordered.
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome! There is alot to learn but these folks make it enjoyable....Have you got anything fermenting?
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    Hello from Adams, MA

    Welcome! The knowledge that you seek can be gained within this forum, when questions arise you can usually find threads pertaining to them in the search link. If not, ask away.... As for the equipment, there are several websites you can purchase from or just find your local brew shop. Good Luck!
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    Suggestions for pairing...

    Two Buck Chuck!
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    A bottle source I forgot

    I actually have a pretty sweet deal with the manager of the local Olive Garden Rest. I get about 3-4 cases every two weeks for a bottle of the latest batch and then I usually get that empty back as well. It surely does not hurt to ask!
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    Aged Kit

    Wade you were correct on the coloring! Appearance and aroma reminded me of a swamp that I duck hunt in....Oh well, at least it was no cost to me. Thanks