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  • Giorgi
My greetings to you from Georgia!
I want to offer you
I am representative of "KVEVRI" LLC, it one of the producing LLC in Georgia, which makes the Kvevri (container clay for wine) of different sizes from clay: we make the pitchers -2000 Litresizes and 500 Litresizes, I direct your attention for such capacity (size) pitchers because why I can place -18 piece of 2000 Litresizes pitchers and 15 piece of 500 Litresizes pitchers at the one truck, Every year I send truck with pitchers in Europe.
I want inform you that in general the pitchers of all sizes are handmade and the best specialists of our LLC are working at them.
I always wanted make mutual relation to your country and I decided to make partnership helping you, if you are interested in myproduction I can take an order of the pitchers and other clay production from you, I think our production will be interesting especially for suchcountries where the grapes are growing and have good harvest of plural grapes and where are located wine companies
Maybe you want to know: I can made 2 or 3 truck of pitchers during the season, of course I can expansion the production and make more production, if you would be order more pitchers to our LLC
Also I want inform you, that working at the pitchers begins from the beginning of the year and it ends in month July of the same year; we always make our production in time.
(+995) 595 55 59 50
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