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  1. Tony Toto
    Tony Toto
    I'm happy to be here and am enjoying the new business I started. I know it will provide a lot of benefit to the wine industry. Cheers!
  2. BABRU
    Home vinter
  3. beano
    One eyed welder and wine drinker
  4. JackKeller
    JackKeller MedPretzel
    Did you once have a website called If not, do you know who did?
  5. hitchiker
    hitchiker Scooter68
    have blueberry farm thinking about starting farm winery to offset low berry prices Would very much like to have your receipe. I have been making kit wines but need to change to fruit. I will be like to bottle dry, sweet, and super sweet. please e mail at thank you very much.
  6. sebscot
    Hobby wine-make and homebrewer
  7. bshef
    bshef Sailor323
    Sailor, I was interested in your post about Foch. I'm growing Foch and thought that as a teinturier grape, it could not be made into a rose without adding large amounts of white wine. I've also read that if Foch is picked early the acid levels are quite high and require malolactic fermentation.
  8. ann mccloud
    ann mccloud
    Transferred my wine with Alli none
  9. Tori webb
    Tori webb
    Making a belvino red! All help appriciate!
  10. ImBirdman
    My wine is at day 28, its blueberry pomegranate. The specific gravity was 1.060 to start and now is 1.014. Is it ok to bottle.
  11. Js76155
    Alive and kicking!
  12. Js76155
  13. Js76155
    Js76155 seth8530
    Hi Seth - Greetings from Scotland!
    I made a 25L batch of wine recording the OG. After 1st racking, I lost some wine due to sediment. Not thinking, I topped the bucket with water back to 25L. Have I have thrown out the final gravity due to the dilution? My fermentation hasn’t ended yet. Can I still accurately find my final ABV after adding the water? Would you share your math skills with me to obtain an answer?
  14. Americanhooch
  15. TheLastDervish
    Straight from Islami Jamhooriya Pakistan.
  16. Vala E
    Vala E JB005
    Hello, I have already posted a replay to you, about the crowberry wine.
  17. Steve Wargo
    Steve Wargo
    1st batch of apple wine. Started fermentation 5-21-2019. Today 5-31-2019. Two one-gallon. Separate juice source
  18. coling271
    coling271 NorCal
    Hi Norcal, Would you please send a copy of your worksheet to me. My email address is Thank you
  19. montanarick
    montanarick NorCal
    email is - thanks
  20. Miss Kimmy
    Miss Kimmy
    First ever vat is fermenting in the pantry. No basements here in SoCal. Learning all I can before I get serious about 2nd vat.