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  1. kevinlfifer
    kevinlfifer farmerjack
    Where in SE MI?

    I'm in Maumee OH
  2. hounddawg
    hounddawg Mismost
    Hey hope you are good
    1. Mismost
      Yeah all good. Doc has me on a diet does want me to have another heart attack

      4B shotgun team is in full swing with three practices a week....eats up a lot of time.

      Sent a guy in Missouri some old wine books....he was a riding mule guy....I thought about you!

      You staying warm and fed?
      Feb 4, 2018
  3. DeChaunac
    I'm kinda a newbie, just been fermenting anything that'll rot for 48 years. I'll help anyone if I can for what we can produce is far better!
  4. FTC Wines
    FTC Wines Julie
    Thanks Julie, it was a Blackberry, Italian Red & Elderberry that were 3.2 ish. Used a Vinmetric 300, tested other wines & they were right where they were supposed to be. I'll watch them closely. Roy
  5. FTC Wines
    FTC Wines Julie
    Julie, have you had any issues with Home Winery Supply concentrates being very low on the PH scale, i.e. 3.2 before any acid additions? Thanks, Roy
    1. Julie
      HI Roy, no issues. I normally buy the blackberry concentrate from them and ph is normally around 3.5. I have bought the niagara and the ph was good in that as well.
      Feb 1, 2018
  6. BusyBeeWine
    BusyBeeWine heatherd
    Thank you :)
  7. BusyBeeWine
    Hi - New but keen UK ( Devon ) winemaker hoping to make contact with locals to share a sampling experience :)
  8. Gantel
    Hi to all)
  9. HarrysHomeBrew
    Primary Fontana Pinot Noir Dragons Blood Apricot
  10. Monty Knapp
  11. Monty Knapp
    Monty Knapp
    2016 Wines: Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, DangerDaves Dragons Blood, Cherry Berry (DDB variant)
  12. Monty Knapp
  13. joeswine
    joeswine JohnT
    Let me know what my share of the metals are no problem,jp
  14. Valerie
    Relative Beginner
  15. FL Steve
    FL Steve HcTech
    Howie, One thing I would like is to be able to destem and crush separately. Larger vineyards are able to do so but smaller equipment crushes the stems, releasing green tannins and sometimes bitter flavors.
  16. kire
    Wine is good
  17. GumChum
    I am a crazy Gardner, who loves life.
  18. Boddener
  19. Jack7033
    Retired and went to Finger Lakes Community College for their Viticulture and Enology Courses. Grow grapes, make wine and do some consulting.
  20. geek
    Where's the wine?