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  1. Sapper1371
    Sapper1371 Sebrion
    Hi, is the crusher destemmer still available?
  2. David W Huey
    David W Huey dangerdave
    Rubbing Alocohol Taste can u help!!!Having a issue with 2 batches coming out tasting like Rubbering alocohol curious if I'm going to have take total lost early stages I thought the was perfect now scared I never be able to bottled rubbing alocohol taste overwhelm ing ! 1. Strawberry apple base in a Cotes De Blanc yeast 2.appl pear pie base lalvin ec-118
  3. peterseng
    Im Wein liegt die Warheit
  4. Dave Parker
    Dave Parker
    I have made kits for years but am looking at expanding and trying different methods of making wine.
  5. Jesse Brown
    Jesse Brown Val M
    Did you ever try persimmon wine? I'm specifically interested in the Fuyu variety. Can the fruits be used in a steam juicer?
  6. David W Huey
    David W Huey
    Big Fish! Can't catch fish if your rod ain't in the water!
  7. Dom Lausic
    Dom Lausic stickman
    Hi There! Just going through your recent post and had a quick question about you ECO tanks. Do you use those for fermentation only or do you bulk age??? If so, how do you manage head space?? I love the idea of these tanks, but not sure how to manage them!
  8. soccerstarshack2019
    Soccer Stars Hack
  9. Wlmcguire68
    Wlmcguire68 grapeman
    Grapeman, A few months ago I read a post that documented a small private vineyard crop planting from start to finish.... was this your post?
  10. Garyz
    Garyz ibglowin
    Quick question. When buying an Amarone kit, do the juice and skins actually come frome Italy, or is it simply a grape mixture that is similar to Italian Amarone.
    1. ibglowin
      Usually yes, the juice and skins etc. comes from Italy as long as your making higher end kit.
      Mar 16, 2019
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  11. mezzocul
    mezzocul Bubba1
    hey bubba, another Casertano here. how are you? just reaching out to fellow Napolitanos. used to make wine the old fashion old world ways with my dad, many decades ago, he always blended his wine too..
  12. mezzocul
    mezzocul Mudkicker
    hey mudkicker....haven't see your posts in a long time. how are you
  13. Jesse Spears
    Jesse Spears
    I am interested in becoming a homemade wine maker ! TIPS PLEASE
    1. Jesse Spears
      Jesse Spears
      I started my first batch by getting a one gallon glass jug. I poured half a gallon of pure grape juice into it, added one cup of sugar, then one packet of active yeast. i have it fermenting with an Airlock on top of the container, so no outside air/bacteria can enter.
      Mar 10, 2019
  14. wrongway
    Wine! Because no great story started with someone eating a salad.
  15. wrongway
    Brewin Skeeter peee
  16. Tits McGee
    Tits McGee Jericurl
    I am new here but I ran across a post on prickly pear wine, which made me wouldn't happen to be from New Mexico, would you?
    1. Jericurl
      Nope. Texas. But NM is my 2nd favorite place.
      Mar 4, 2019
  17. DaveS
    DaveS salcoco
    Does anyone in the KC area sell frozen juice pails? When I lived in Chicago I could buy from a guy who would get pails from California in the fall and Chili in the spring, but haven't found that here yet.
  18. DaveS
    East of Kansas City. I've done maybe 15 kits and 8 juice pails, plus a few Skeeter Pee variations. Often have an eye out for great prices.
  19. Code
  20. topper9520
    topper9520 Bnation
    Great product if you need any advice on it let me know