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  1. Pete Hoffmann
    Pete Hoffmann
    Stop sending me anymore emails.
  2. BigSell
    BigSell joeswine
    Joe, have you ever timed two different yeast enoculations, say one to start primary and then another a day or two later, thinking D47 first and then V1116 a day or two later in a Sav Blanc, what do you think?
  3. Cellar Vader
    Cellar Vader
    Just enough knowledge to be dangerous to myself and others!
  4. Glenn Goetzinger
    Glenn Goetzinger
    Make it, care for it, and enjoy it. Life is short, and life is for living. Cheers!
  5. robert81650
    robert81650 MickeyB
    Wondering how much muscadine wine you have made. I live in Alabama and we have plenty of muscadine grapes in our area
    and it is one of my favorite wines.
  6. Hokapsig
    Hokapsig ctandcf1
    Everything else is still available except the All in one pump. Let me know if you'd like anything else.
  7. joeswine
    joeswine Henry_Sailo
    Don't do it
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    2. Henry_Sailo
      I think some how we can ferment. But unlike grapes and fruits its not acidity and sugar content.
      Dec 23, 2018
  8. Henry_Sailo
    Hi everyone , did anyone have experience in Winemaking with mushroom (fungus ).
    1. TxBrew
      Please post this to the forum so they will see it and can answer.
      Dec 19, 2018
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  9. TyYoda
    TyYoda ckvchestnut
    Would you please email me your favorite version of dragon blood. (Never post your email address in an open forum)


  10. TyYoda
    TyYoda dangerdave
    Please email me the latest DB recipe version you are using to (never post your email in an open forum
  11. WineJake
    WineJake joeswine
    I was thinking about adding Malo Culture to my Fontana Malbec. I racked it into the Secondary last night. Does MIF make the Malbec a better wine with smooth taste and better mouth feel? PLease let me know if this is over kill and not needed.
    1. joeswine
      Over kill not beneficial
      Dec 12, 2018
  12. winorookie
    winorookie dralarms
    harvested grapes second week of october. primary fermentation and punch down for 10 days. malolactic fermentation initiated about a month ago. todays tasting revealed h2s smell .
  13. Jared Retter
    Jared Retter larry schroder
    Hi Larry,
    are you in the Tri-Cities area?
  14. NorCal
    NorCal hounddawg
    Hey hounddawg, I’ve missed seeing you on the forum. I’ve always enjoyed your point of view. Hope all is ok and hopefully you’ll be spending more time here.
  15. 1d10t
  16. Pine_Pole
    Homemade is the best!
  17. Turning Leaf
    Turning Leaf
    My husband and I are learning to live the dream!Raising the last of the kids (my sweet son in pic) Need to plant some fruit. Tim & Sue
  18. cann0n
    Let's Get Dangerous
  19. Pistol Bill
    Pistol Bill MGieni09
    did you ever figure out why you experienced slow fermentation on that batch of wine a few years back? I am having the same symptoms on my Huckleberry this year. Slow from the beginning. Still slow and slowing making alcohol. Even made a "super charger" to make sure it was not the yeast. Still slow. Ed Krause thought it was the campden tablets still giving off SO2. I don't. I waited 48 hours after the camdens. Thanks
  20. Michael Alspaugh
    Michael Alspaugh
    I use a recipe book called Winemaker's Handbook but it is limited in it's teachings with the ingredients about how and why they work.