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  1. RedTail
    Home winemaker and member of El Dorado Home Wine Makers Club since 2010.
  2. Venatorscribe
    Fermenting and writing in retirement
  3. Nitinwine
  4. FTC Wines
    FTC Wines geek
    Varis, the Apothic Dark is one of our favorite wines. It's my go to top off wine. We love the super dark color, it really helps our Cab Juice bucket wines which are light in color. Hope you & family are doing well. Roy
  5. Abhishek
    Search, file and register your mark to Trademark with TrademarkCart.
  6. WinoRew
    Congrats to Pax for a perfect 100pt score on his 2016 Sonoma Hillsides Syrah! Using a Nomacorc TCA free, oxygen controlled, Contact me.
  7. WinoRew
    WinoRew to home winemakers and small to medium wineries. Best price. Also, make wine and am a wine judge for competitions.
  8. Shayne Edwards
    Shayne Edwards
    Absolute Beginner who needs his hand held
  9. meadmaker1
    meadmaker1 olusteebus
    Ill find this unit this evening and help you move coil temp sensors and or what and where to jump so it can be operated with third party controls
    It wont be hard
    I have access to factory lg literature
  10. vacuumpumpman
    vacuumpumpman crankyoldlibrian
    I can talk to you more about the vacuum press -
    please leave me your phone #
  11. 9CourseWineMusician
  12. Pivola
    growing on vines abound
  13. winojoe
    Buon Amici Winery is now operational ...WOO HOO HOO!
  14. JimInNJ
    JimInNJ BigH
    PA-22 Tri-Pacer?
    1. BigH
      Yeah. It was a 1954. Great plane to fly.
      Mar 18, 2018
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  15. JCBurg
    Fulfilling a lifelong dream one fermentation at a time!
  16. kevinlfifer
    kevinlfifer farmerjack
    Where in SE MI?

    I'm in Maumee OH
  17. hounddawg
    hounddawg Mismost
    Hey hope you are good
    1. Mismost
      Yeah all good. Doc has me on a diet does want me to have another heart attack

      4B shotgun team is in full swing with three practices a week....eats up a lot of time.

      Sent a guy in Missouri some old wine books....he was a riding mule guy....I thought about you!

      You staying warm and fed?
      Feb 4, 2018
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    2. hounddawg
      Yup eating to well, got my team back together, man tons of people stop to talk, had one guy last week tried extra hard to buy my whole rig, finally found me a standard jack, black with white muzzel, it's so wet I'm going to half to wait a couple weeks so I can get in their to pick him up...
      Mar 5, 2018
    3. hounddawg
      I got two extremely well bred mares a QH AN A APHA, BUT LIKE ANY THING IN LIFE YOU GOT TO USE GOOD TO GET GOOD,
      GLAD TO HEAR YOU DOING GOOD. JUST CANNED 3 CASES OF DEER CHILI AND 3 CASES OF DEER STEW, all pint jars, can't wait for pickle time, been doing a lot of skeeter pee port, fixing to put on a blackberry, elder berry blended wine,
      Mar 5, 2018
  18. DeChaunac
    I'm kinda a newbie, just been fermenting anything that'll rot for 48 years. I'll help anyone if I can for what we can produce is far better!
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  19. FTC Wines
    FTC Wines Julie
    Thanks Julie, it was a Blackberry, Italian Red & Elderberry that were 3.2 ish. Used a Vinmetric 300, tested other wines & they were right where they were supposed to be. I'll watch them closely. Roy
  20. FTC Wines
    FTC Wines Julie
    Julie, have you had any issues with Home Winery Supply concentrates being very low on the PH scale, i.e. 3.2 before any acid additions? Thanks, Roy
    1. Julie
      HI Roy, no issues. I normally buy the blackberry concentrate from them and ph is normally around 3.5. I have bought the niagara and the ph was good in that as well.
      Feb 1, 2018