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  1. Albert J Radke
    Albert J Radke BeginnerMark
    I am at zip 68354 and have over 100 cases of bottles for sale check it out on craigslist Lincoln, NE 06/23/2018
  2. baron4406
    In Fermenter: Peitie Syrah & Blackberry
  3. ian buchanan
  4. Bobp
    Still Above Ground.
  5. gabe
    3/8 th liter bottle versus the .750
  6. Korehan
    Amateur wine maker
  7. Rfowles
    Flint Hills Vines
  8. OldWino1
    Been out of action for a while getting the itch to get back to let grand babies watch and listen to the bubbles
  9. xavier
    xavier veikos
    sir, where do u purchase your equipments and ingredients here in the philippines? thanks
  10. StToddy
    StToddy eose
    Sorry if this is something you sold already, but I saw that last year you offered to sell your SC100A. If it is still for sale, feel free to let me know. I am new to the forum so nor sure if I will be notified of your reply. I am okay if you use my email (toddmoore"at"comcast*net). Thx
  11. gabe
    gabe dangerdave
    I highly recommend the allinonewinepump. I bought the deluxe model and have been using it for 2 weeks now. Absolute the best piece of equipment in my wine cellar.
    Aside from racking/degassing/
    Filtering and bottling the best is there is no lifting of heavy carboys anymore.
  12. garymc
    Zone 7 in Southeast Missouri
  13. NorCal
    Sure, pm your email
  14. DAB
    DAB NorCal
    Any chance I could get copy of that worksheet?

    Thanks DAB
  15. Dennis Griffith
    Dennis Griffith
    Third year grape grower in Southern Ohio.
  16. DiamondBaseTuk
    DiamondBaseTuk joeswine
    saw your ost in tweaking cheap wine box kits would you b available to potentially send me the list of all the items in use in order of queue there like the 5 gallon jug thing are they all on amazon too or? Looks like a premier set up i would love to learn from you
  17. calwinebroker
    Alive and well in No. California Wine Country
  18. pillswoj
  19. pillswoj
  20. Gil Brown
    Gil Brown
    Chattanooga tn newbie here look forward to a new experience.