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WineMaker magazine is the leading publication for the winemaking hobby reaching over 100,000 readers each issue. Launched in 1998, WineMaker covers the full gamut of the winemaking hobby, from beginners to experts, from wine kits to fresh grapes, and is published bi-monthly. Every issue includes expert advice and techniques, award-winning recipes and how-to projects to help you make great wine.

WineMaker Magazine


(802) 362-3981 5515 Main St.
Manchester Center, VT 5255
United States

distributors of ultrapremium frozen must from exceptional vineyards around the world



4165269856 201 danforth avenue
toronto ontario

The Regions first choice since 1964! We have been helping winemakers produce quality wines since for 50 years! Wine additives,Fining agents & clarifiers, Fresh grapes or juice,Processing equipment,Food grade paint,Testing equipment,Laboratory glassware,Bottles,Cleaning & sanitizing supplies and much more! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you with your winemaking needs. We have been producing award winning wines since 1969 that we are proud to share with our visitors. Our rich history, carefully crafted wines, and romantic vineyard presence, make us a must stop along your Lake Erie wine trail. From our full bodied, dry red wines to our sweet ice style wine, you are sure to find something to please your palate!

Presque Isle WIne Cellars


800-488-7492 9440 West Main Road
North East, Pennsylvania 16428

This wine pump kit was designed to speed up and optimize the wine making steps of racking and bottling. It will help you to make a better product and enjoy it a bit faster. Advantages = Decreases racking time- Better quality wine- less air contact- No lifting of heavy carboys- No more bending over- Less chance of getting hurt, dropping carboys - Can be used to bottle with any shape or size bottles, Consistent liquid height and no overfill spillage- Easily degas wine (Co2 removal)- Odorless and oil-free,vacuum pump - You can easily install a inline filtering system,(whole house filter system-approx 35 dollars)

all in one wine pump


Western suburbs of Chicago, IL

Full service homebrewing and winemaking store, wine kits, wine making equipment kits, ingredients, kegs and much much more!

Homebrew Supply


18778002294 130 E SAN ANTONIO
San Marcos, Texas 78666